2.18 Part Eighteen


The police have never found out who set the stables on fire the night when Elisabeth won her first golden cup. Elisabeth wanted to sue Lizette Gilman for the damages, but unfortunately, she didn’t have any evidence to prove it was really her. The stables weren’t insured, so the family had to take some money from the savings for the expansion of the house to reconstruct the stables. The fire has damaged six of the total eight box stalls. No wonder, they were entirely made of wood.


Kate and Elisabeth agreed on purchasing the Washington box stalls made of stainless steel and wooden panels because they simply looked nicer and were more resistant.


Obviously, the difference in price was considerable so they could afford only four at that moment. It didn’t matter anyway, because there were only Freya and Lady left plus they were using the two old wooden box stalls that magically didn’t catch on fire. Elisabeth had big plans for the future of the Loewe Equestrian Academy. When the management of the LEA was in her hands she would be needing all eight box stalls… maybe ten.


One Monday afternoon, after she came back home from school, Elisabeth headed to the stables to feed her horse. When she opened the door, she didn’t see Freya standing by the window of her box waiting patiently for her carrots as usual. Strange, Elisabeth thought to herself. The moment she approached Freya’s box and saw her lying on the floor she immediately started calling her name, but Freya didn’t react to it.


Oh no, Elisabeth thought to herself. “Freya! FREYA! Wake up, girl… Please… Freya. Wake…up,” Elisabeth sat next to her horse and caressed her silver mane. Freya’s body was cold. Elisabeth’s eyes flooded with tears of sorrow. She felt powerless and furious at the same time. “Sweet dreams, Freya,” Elisabeth whispered in Freya’s ear and kissed her on the forehead.


Lizette Gilman wasn’t at school today and Elisabeth knew why. She needed to find something that would connect this girl to Freya’s death. Elisabeth was determined to ensure that Lizette wouldn’t slip away with this. Not this time. She rushed in the house to find her mother.

How could she do this to me, Mom?” Elisabeth asked her mother and looked at her with tears flowing down her cheeks like two stormy rivers.


Oh my god, Lizzie, are you alright? What happened?”


W-what? This cannot be-”

Why did she do this, Mom?”

Kate wasn’t able to give an answer to her daughter so instead, she hugged her tight. “I’m so sorry, Lizzie… I think Cécile should know about this.”

When Elisabeth calmed down, Kate dropped her by the Little Pony Equestrian Center. Elisabeth sat on the sofa in front of Cécile’s office and waited.


Come on in!” Cécile called from her office.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Pétite.”

Hello, Elisabeth. Please, take a seat,” Cécile smiled at her and pointed at one of the leather armchairs in front of her desk.


Thank you,” said Elisabeth and sat down.

So, what is it that brings you here, my dear?”

Freya… I found her dead this morning.”


Oh, Elisabeth, I’m truly sorry. Losing your first horse is heartbreaking. I know how much you loved her.”

Thank you for your kind words, Mrs. Pétite.”


Please, call me Cécile.”

Thank you, Cécile.”

I remember when I lost my first horse. His name was Caesar, he was an Arab,” Cécile started feeling nostalgic. “We had won innumerable races together. I will never forget his shiny black hair… He was a very loyal friend, until-,” she suddenly interrupted her speech.


He didn’t deserve to die that way, Lizzie. He was a champion in his best years.”


Cécile, what happened?”

He was poisoned.”

Poisoned?!” Elisabeth raised her eyebrows.


Have you found out who did it?” asked her Elisabeth with the hope she’d give her a positive answer.


Yes… I have,” she said. “Excuse me, Elisabeth, but I don’t want to talk about this.”

Cécile, please. You have to tell me!” she insisted, but Cécile raised from her desk and looked out of the window to hide the tears from Elisabeth. “I think Freya has been poisoned as well,” Elisabeth tried to get her attention.

What did you say?” Cécile suddenly turned back at her.

I need to know who had poisoned your horse and why.”


Melanie Gilman.”

When Elisabeth heard the name, she looked at Cécile in astonishment.

If you’re asking yourself whether she has something to do with Lizette… Well, she does. It’s her mother.”

Elisabeth couldn’t bring herself to words. She was staring at Cécile trying to understand what she’s just heard. After a while, Elisabeth approached Cécile to ask her the inevitable question. She was almost afraid to hear the answer.

W-why did she poison your horse, Cécile?”


It was her first race, and she had won it. I came second. Nobody could understand how it was possible since Caesar had never lost a race before. I spoke with the manager of the competition and he decided to run the anti-doping tests… I wish I had never told him, Elisabeth. Caesar could have lived.”

After she heard Cécile’s story, Elisabeth was convinced of Lizette’s guilt.

Lizette wasn’t at school today.”


Well, I believe we should find out why,” Cécile smiled at Elisabeth. “Go home, Elisabeth. Let your mother know about this, she’ll know what to do next.”

Thank you for the help, Cécile. Bye!”


It seems like the history repeats itself, Cécile thought to herself, sat down at her desk and started writing an email to the major, who was a very good friend of hers.


Elisabeth left Cécile’s office, but she didn’t head straight home. She took a walk in a park, sat down on a swing and thought of Freya.


Elisabeth remembered the day when George gave Freya to her. She was her birthday present. When Elisabeth first rode her, she knew they were made for each other. She loved Freya and Freya loved her back.


However, Elisabeth would never ride her horse again. Freya’s sudden death took away Elisabeth’s dream of becoming a famous jockey one day. By losing her horse, she lost it all.

When Elisabeth came back home, she saw her mother preparing dinner. Without announcing her presence, she went up the stairs and headed directly to the bathroom.


Elisabeth needed to forget the world existed. A hot, steamy shower was just what she needed. However, as soon as she was done showering and went to the room to change the clothes, Kate called from downstairs: “Dinner!”

Coming!” Elisabeth called from her room and after a while, she was sitting at the kitchen table together with her mother who couldn’t stop talking about Freya and kept on asking her about Cécile’s opinion. Elisabeth wasn’t really paying attention, because all she wanted at the moment was to finish her Mac and Cheese as soon as possible and disappear in her room.


“We’ll talk later, Mom. I need to be alone.”

Very well, sweetie. If you want, you can stay home tomorrow. I’ll call your teacher.”

I’m okay,” said Elisabeth and left the room.

Elisabeth’s last week of school passed very slowly. Wednesday felt like Friday and Friday seemed a whole week ahead. Plus there was no sign of Lizette since Monday. Elisabeth almost hoped that when she poisoned Freya she forgot to wash her hands and poisoned herself as well. That would be splendid, Elisabeth thought to herself. She knew she shouldn’t wish anything bad neither to her enemy, but this was a matter of life and death. When I see her, there better be someone to stop me, or I will strangle her. I swear it. After the last lesson was over, Elisabeth left school with an amazing feeling of never coming back again… Well, not to study at least. There were still the final exams waiting around the corner and the prom was approaching as well.

Elisabeth was about to get on the school bus when her cellphone rang.

“Can you wait a sec?” Elisabeth asked Jane, the bus driver.

“Sure, there’s no one anyways,” said Jane and put a bubblegum in her mouth.

Hey, Liz! What’s up?”

Hey, Hesper! I’m about to head home from school.”


Could you wait for me? I have one more lesson today.”

Mhh… Okay, I’ll wait for you in front of the school, then.”

Thanks, Liz! See you later.”

Later,” said Elisabeth and hung up.

“So, are you coming or what?” asked her the bus driver.

“Sorry I kept you waiting, Jane. I’m staying.”

“No problem, Liz. Have a nice day!”

Elisabeth walked back towards the school, she was about to cross the street when she ran into Lizette.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here!” said Lizette with a very happy voice.


“What is your problem, Lizette?”

“I have many problems, but the biggest is standing right in front of me. Where are you going?”

“That’s none of your business. Get out of my way.”

“How’s your mother? I heard she risked her life to save her horses from the fire,” she sneered.

“You’re lucky she survived.” Idiot.


“What do you mean?”

“Do you think that I don’t know who set the stables on fire?”

“Really? Tell me who.”


“Oh, come on! Don’t be ridiculous!”

“I really have no idea. Tell me,” Lizette kept on provoking, but at this point, Elisabeth’s blood already reached the boiling point.



“Are you out of your mind! How dare you accuse me of this!”


“No, Lizette. YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! You’re a monster! Get out of my way, I don’t want to see you ever again. Come near my house once more and I shall skin you alive.”


Lizette got scared and immediately cleared the path.

Do you see the cop over there? I’m sure he’s interested in this story of yours,” Elisabeth turned back at Lizette as she was crossing the road.

Don’t you even try!” Lizette squealed in the distance. Elisabeth maliciously blinked the eye at her and happily headed to speak with the policeman.

“Hello, I’m Elisabeth Loewe. You’re still working on the case of the fire in the stables, right?”


“Yes, I mean, not me personally, but we are. How can I help you?”

“I would like to let you know that a horse of the same stables was poisoned on Monday.”

“I’m sorry for your loss, miss.”

“Thank you. Do you think it could relate to the fire ‘accident’?”


“Possibly it could.”

“Would you then consider the fire, that nearly killed a person, an accident?”


“Or would you be inclined to believe that there is only one person who committed both these crimes?”

“It could-”

“Someone who hates me or my family? A person we know?”

“Look, miss, I-”


“I think you should put more effort into the investigation, sergeant. The criminal could be listening to us right now and plan an escape from the town,” said Elisabeth and looked at Lizette who was eavesdropping on them. “It was nice talking to you, have a nice day,” Elisabeth concluded her monologue and finally let the poor guy catch some breath.


Wow, this girl is really persistent, the policeman thought to himself, sat in the car and quickly drove away.

Elisabeth walked towards a bench, where she wanted to sit and wait for Hesper, but another person got in her way.

“Hey, Lizzie!”

“What do you need this time, Wayne?” Elisabeth asked him with a bored tone.

“I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I mean, it must be really difficult for you now when-”

“What do you want, Wayne?”


“Do you already have a date for the prom?”



“But I’m not going with you either.”

“Why not? I’m the hottest guy at school!”


“Because I’m going alone.”

“Why would you go alone if you can go with me?”

“Because I’d rather go with a girl than with you. Bye Wayne.”


Elisabeth finally reached the bench and waited for her friend.


It didn’t take long and Hesper appeared in the park. They decided to walk to Elisabeth’s house. They weren’t going to the same class so they had new stories to share with each other every day. When they finally arrived, the sun was already set. They had some leftover pizza and after supper Hesper asked Elisabeth to help him with his homework.

I will never understand the equations,” he sighed. Elisabeth took out her last homework from her backpack and placed it on the table.

Wait until you get to the trigonometry. Equations are the easy stuff.”

Hesper suddenly looked desperate. He still hasn’t understood the equations and Elisabeth was already scaring him with some trigonometry.


Will I ever actually need this?”

What, equations?”

No, math in general.”

Well, I used to think math was useless myself, but as you get older you understand you deal with it in everyday life. So yeah, I think it’s useful,” told him Elisabeth while she was trying to figure out the graph on the paper.


Before Hesper left, Elisabeth asked him to prom.

“I know that you’re not in my class, but when my brothers had their prom, I went with Zac and nobody said anything. I’d be really happy if you went with me, Hesper.”


“Aren’t you going with Wayne?”

“No. Why would you even think that?”

“I don’t know, he’s always around you…”

“He might be around, but he’s not my boyfriend… he’s never been even close to that.”

“Well then, it will be my pleasure, Liz. I will go with you,” said Hesper and smiled at her.


“Thank you, Hesper,” said Elisabeth and hugged him.


The formal dance took place on Sunday. A white limo pulled over in front of the house and after a couple seconds the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Elisabeth called from the first floor.

“Have fun!” told her Kate as she watched her daughter leave the house.

“Thanks, Mom!” said Elisabeth and rushed out of the door.

“Hey, Hesper!” she smiled at her friend as soon as she saw him standing down the stairs in his tux.


Hesper looked different. Elisabeth already got used to seeing him in ‘normal’ clothes, but this tuxedo didn’t look much different from his old clothes.

“Where have you found this?” Elisabeth asked him jokingly as she walked down the stairs.


“When I came back home on Friday, I have realized I actually didn’t have formal wear so Nick, I mean, father Nicolas, asked around town and someone lent him this. Is there something wrong with my clothes?”

“No,” she smiled.


Then why are you still smiling?”

Because I’m happy you’re going with me.”

Right, come on, let’s go or we’re gonna be late. By the way, you look very pretty.”

Thank you,” said Elisabeth with a surprise in her voice. Not that she didn’t know that she was a pretty girl, but hearing it from Hesper felt somehow weird.


They jumped in the limo and headed towards the school.


“Freya is gone,” said Elisabeth when they passed along the equestrian center.


“What do you mean gone?”


“Dead? How?”

“Lizette Gilman poisoned her.”

“W-wait, how can you be sure it was her?”

“I just know,” sighed Elisabeth and looked out of the window. “Did you know that she has even used the same poison?”


“Same poison? ”

“Her mother had poisoned Cécile’s horse many years ago. Lizette killed Freya for the same reason.

“Liz, this is crazy!”

“No, it’s mad. She’s a psycho with a psycho mother.”

“So… do you think she could have something to do also with the fire?”

“Oh, Hesper… Of course, she does. The police only need to find a clue that leads to her and once they do, well, I hope she’ll regret her evil deeds once and for all.”

“Lizzie, I’m really sorry,” told her Hesper, but Elisabeth didn’t say anything and kept on staring out of the window.

When they arrived, Elisabeth walked in without saying a word. It was at that moment that Hesper understood Elisabeth probably asked him to prom to keep her out of trouble.


He could see that her mood has changed rapidly since the moment she started speaking about Lizette and if Elisabeth saw her somewhere he wasn’t sure what would be her reaction. He definitely needed to prevent them from getting into a fight on the school grounds. The prom went well probably only thanks to Lizette’s absence. Everyone had a great time and Elisabeth even became the Prom Queen!

The following weekend was Elisabeth’s birthday. She decided to celebrate it only with her family. Finn and Zac were still studying at the university in London, so there was just Kate and David. Kate prepared some drinks and David brought the cake from the fridge to the table outside.


“Happy birthday, Lizzie! Make a wish!”


Elisabeth stood above the cake and didn’t know what to wish for. The thought of another horse didn’t even cross her mind.


A car? Nah. A motorbike? Nope. A journey? A JOURNEY? Of course! Elisabeth suddenly realized that she has completely forgotten about her adventures in China. This is it! I need to go back and find out what happened in the dungeon…


Elisabeth blew out all the candles on her cake and Kate with David watched their little girl become a woman.



Kate cut the cake and passed the first plate to Elisabeth.

“It’s delicious!”

“Here you go, honey,” she said and passed a slice also to David.

“I’m sorry I have to leave you two celebrate without me,” he said and put a piece of cake in his mouth. “It’s really good! Kate, could you please pack away a slice or two for me? I’ll take it to the theater for dinner.” Kate just smiled at him and went to get a plastic box in the kitchen. David sat closer to Elisabeth.

“Happy birthday, Liz,” he said and handed over an envelope to her.

“What’s this, Dad?”

“Shh, Mom doesn’t know. It will be better if she doesn’t get the chance to see it.”

“Dad, I don’t need money.”

“It’s not money, Lizzie. Open it,” he blinked the eye at her, quickly finished his cake and disappeared in the house. No way! Elisabeth thought to herself when she saw a plane ticket to China. She took it out of the envelope only to find out there wasn’t one, but two!

Plane Tickets

Wait a moment… If Mom doesn’t know about this, does that mean Dad wants me to go with her on a surprise trip? The moment she started thinking who was the second ticket for, Kate returned from the kitchen. Elisabeth quickly hid the tickets under her plate.

“Hey, Mom! So… how’s your cake?”

I don’t know, haven’t tried it yet.”


Right. Well, are you gonna try it?”

Are you all right, Liz?”

Sure,” Elisabeth smiled at her, but Kate didn’t look very convinced.

Anyway,” said Kate and picked a fork. “Dad and I were thinking about a gift for you and we both agreed that it is about time we extend the house.”

You mean finish the first floor?”

Yes. We wanted to ask you since it will be your part of the house-”

Oh, wow, Mom! I don’t know what to say!”

We wanted to know if you had some preferences in colors, materials or room dispositions.”


Well, not really. I mean, I like the way you planned our home and decorated it… Maybe wood and bright colors wouldn’t be bad…”

I was thinking about a spacious kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms-”

Three bedrooms?”

Yes, are you going to live alone forever?”

Elisabeth just looked at her with fear in her eyes. She was definitely not ready for kids.


So, two children’s rooms and a master bedroom for you and your… Well, you are going to get married one day, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

Isn’t this suppose to be my birthday? Could someone explain to me why is my mother talking about a wedding? “Yes, I guess I am.”


When the time is right,” Elisabeth added quickly and stood up from the table in the hope she’d avoid any further marriage-related conversations.

Of course,” Kate smiled at her. Are you leaving everything on us, then?”

Since running around shops searching for curtains, chairs, cushions, carpets, vases, and other decorations wasn’t on Elisabeth’s schedule for the nearest future, she decided to leave it on her parents. Plus she was supposed to leave for China in a week! Why doesn’t she know about the tickets? Elisabeth couldn’t still understand why did her father secretly give them to her and why not just one ticket but two? Are they hoping that I will fall in love in China and bring someone back? Mom would be delighted. Her soon-to-be-built rooms wouldn’t remain empty for long… Wait a moment, maybe she knows about the tickets and maybe it was her who made Dad get two of them in the hope I’d bring… Hesper? Hesper was the only friend Kate and David saw their daughter with in a very long time. Oh no. No, no, no. Hesper was her best friend, not a husband-to-be. Elisabeth imagined herself married to Hesper with two kids. She was thinking too much. Definitely too much. 

“Trust me that if you let us do everything, it will be a very nice surprise!” Kate interrupted her stream of thoughts.


Maybe she needs to get rid of me temporarily so she can have fun designing ‘my new home’? Well, not that I’m so eager to pick cribs and changing tables for my kids, that I’m supposed to have… one day… in a far future… Y-yeah, you can have fun, Mom.” While I’m far away on an adventure, she smiled to herself.

Perfect!” Elisabeth could clearly see her mother couldn’t wait for the moment to start organizing everything. “Come here,” said happily Kate and hugged her daughter.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for everything you and Dad are doing for me.”


The following day was Elisabeth’s graduation. Early in the morning, all the present members of the Loewe family arrived at the town hall. It was a very nice sunny day. Elisabeth was dying of the heat in her graduation robe.

“I seriously hope they have a powerful air conditioning, otherwise I’m taking this off.”

“Come on, Liz. You can survive one hour.”


“One hour? Don’t you remember Zac and Finn’s graduation? It took like forever! Can’t they just send us that useless piece of paper by mail and be done with it?”

“When you have children, you’ll understand, that this piece of paper is very important, Elisabeth,” told her Kate and got off the car.

David didn’t say anything. Even though he was working yesterday in the afternoon he could imagine very well what kind of conversation his wife and daughter had together. He begged Kate not to talk about marriage and grandchildren, but she is five years older than him and probably wanted to let Elisabeth know she won’t live forever.

Elisabeth graduated from Community High School with honor. Her classmates have voted her Most Artistic.



Her parents even threw confetti at her. Elisabeth felt delighted because the school was finally over.


She grew up to be a beautiful young woman ready for all the adventures that life has to offer.


Later that afternoon…

After lunch at the pizzeria, David drove Kate and Elisabeth to the salon.

“Mom, I don’t think this is necessary.”

“Come on, sweetheart, a little bit of style has never killed anyone,” Kate smiled at her. “Plus France is the homeland of haute couture. You don’t want to arrive there in a pair of old jeans and a washed-out t-shirt.”

France? Wasn’t I going to China? Elisabeth thought to herself. “France? We’re going to France?”

No, darling, you are going to France. As a graduation gift. I thought David has already given you the tickets.”

Now I get it. “Oh… Yes, yes. He has. You know, the birthday gift totally made me forget about the trip. Thanks, Mom.”


As they approached the salon, Elisabeth’s cellphone rang.

“It’s George, Mom! Go ahead, I’m coming in a second.”

“Hello, Lizzie! Congratulations on your graduation!”

“Thank you, George! How did you know?”

“Kate told me.”

“Ah, right. How are you? Are you coming to Monte Vista any time soon? I’d love to see you!”


“Ha ha, I’m already here!”

“What? How? When did you arrive?”

“I arrived earlier today, but the rest of the family is already settled.”

“Settled? What do you mean settled?”

“Oh, so I suppose Kate hasn’t told you yet.”

“Told me what?”

“To make a long story short, Faith and Sebastian got back together. They are married now and all the family has decided to start over and after I told Renauld about Monte Vista, he didn’t want to go any other place… so here we are. I have never thought I’d come back.”

“Wow, George! That’s amazing! I don’t have much time now, but I’ll call you later! I’m so happy you’re back!”

“Me too, Liz. Me too. Have a nice day!”

“You too! Bye!”

“Bye bye!”

“Mom, wait! Why haven’t you told me about George and everyone else?”


“I thought it was nicer if he told you himself,” Kate turned at Elisabeth. “I have never thought that the Vanderburgs would move to Monte Vista,” continued Kate as she opened the door of the salon.

“Me neither. Do you know where they live?”

“Down the hill from our house.”

“Are you joking?”


“Mom, you don’t look so happy about this.”

“Do you think that Catarina woke up one day and told herself ‘We’re moving to Monte Vista!’ Liz, they have moved here for a reason.”

Elisabeth just looked at her with a blank expression on her face and followed her mother in the salon.

“Good afternoon. Are you Mrs. and Ms. Loewe?”

“Good afternoon. Yes. We have an appointment at 6 PM,” Kate answered dryly.

Of course, you are, the receptionist said to herself. “I must inform you, that the stylist is on a vacation leave since this morning. There is a trainee filling in this week.”

“A trainee?” Kate raised her eyebrows.


“Is there a problem, Mrs. Loewe? I thought you have already picked the dress the last time you-”

“Of course,” interrupted her Kate.

“Very well then. Please, wait in the room until the stylist, I mean, the trainee, finishes her work. Thank you,” said the receptionist and pointed to her right. “If you would like some coffee, there is a vending machine over there.”

Vending machine? Kate thought to herself. Since when do they serve coffee from a vending machine in a high-end salon? “No, thank you,” said Kate and together with Elisabeth sat down to wait for the trainee.




“There’s… There’s Amanda.”


“Amanda? You mean Amanda Vanderburg?”

“Yes, it looks like she’s the trainee.”

“What? I thought she was in Bridgeport.”

“Yeah, everybody thinks that, Mom. Even Zac.”


“Are you sure that it’s really her?”

“Yes, she’s styling some woman over there, look,” said Elisabeth and pointed towards the other room. Kate stood up from the armchair and approached closer to discover it was truly Amanda. Plus she was styling her grandmother! What are you up to, girl? Kate said to herself as she sat back in the armchair.


“We have to find out why they’ve moved here, Liz.”

“Are you gonna spy on them?” laughed Elisabeth when she imagined her mother hiding in bushes and rummaging through Vanderburgs’ garbage can.

“Yes,” Kate answered with a serious tone.


“Well, then, good luck solving the mystery,” she giggled. “Mom, I think she’s coming over here!” Elisabeth suddenly panicked.

“Act surprised, Lizzie!”

When Amanda entered the door, she was the one who was surprised.

“Oh, heeey! Kate! Elisabeth! What are you doing here, guys?”

“Hello, Amanda. We live here, have you forgotten?” asked her Kate.


“Oh, right, sure. Well, I actually meant what are you doing here, in the salon,” Amanda tried to sound relaxed, but she couldn’t hide she felt nervous around them.

“Shopping for clothes, I guess?”

“Yeah, of course you are.”

“Shouldn’t you be in Bridgeport?” asked her Elisabeth and stood up to approach her. “You know, you kinda broke my brother’s heart.”


Amanda was completely taken aback by the question. Elisabeth could easily see she was searching for an excuse. “Well… uh… I… well… you know, things got complicated, so I… uh…”


“Listen, it’s really clear to me that you’re just searching for excuses. I don’t actually care what you’re doing in Monte Vista, because the thing that truly bothers me is that you broke Zac’s heart. How could you break up with him over a message?”


“Wait, wait… it’s not the way it seems. I didn’t break up with him.”

“He told me he’s tried calling you many times but you have never answered.”

Amanda didn’t have any excuse for this.


“You know, they’re coming home for the summer. I wonder what’s gonna happen when he finds out you’re here,” Elisabeth continued.

“Look, Liz. Things got really complicated… I didn’t want to hurt Zac’s feelings, but-”

“Well, you did, Amanda.”

“I’m really sorry. You have to believe me!”


“Bring me the dress, please,” said Elisabeth dryly and walked towards the changing room.



Elisabeth put on the dress Kate picked for her. It was perfect. When Kate saw her daughter standing in front of the mirror checking herself out, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“You look just like me when I was young,” Kate smiled at Elisabeth.



And she was right. Elisabeth looks like a younger version of Kate, don’t you think?




*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Album.



*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.


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      When I first saw Elisabeth after her makeover at the salon, I seriously thought I was looking at Kate. They have very similar features, but if you observe their faces better, you can tell there are some differences (the expression in the eyes, the eyebrows, the mouth… there's definitely a part of David's DNA in her). I didn't mean to confuse my readers, no! In fact, I've been planning on re-working the front page pictures in a way to avoid spoilers as of who the heirs are gonna be – I like the moment of surprise myself ^_^

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      • Oh, I decided myself that I will get to the end of this generation today. Tomorrow I will see.Oh well, I would say that in my story it’s pretty obvious as to who’s gonna be the heir- they pretty much are the center of the current heir’s attention and their best friends. You will see if you decide to give it a go 🙂 No, thank you for sharing this story with us. A pleasure to read.

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        • Oh okay, just take all the time you need, no rush! I’m looking forward to checking out your story as well, hopefully I will be able to do so the next month when I finally get to go on the long awaited vacation! 😉

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  2. Oh my, so many things happening in that chapter!! First of all, poor Freya… you will be missed 😢 I can’t help but wonder if it’s not that brat Lizette who poisoned her, but her mother herself… again!
    Also, if Amanda isn’t in Bridgeport, why didn’t she have the guts to break up with Zac face to face…not cool Amanda! I wonder what Zac’s reaction will be when he finds out that she’s actually in Monte Vista…
    Liz is so beautiful! 😍 Something tells me that she’ll find love in one of her trips, although she hasn’t exactly warmed up to this idea yet! 😁 Ah, in time I’m sure! 🙂
    I love France! Looking forward to reading Liz’s adventures there! ❤

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    • Hello there, Sempreviva! It’s so nice to see you here 🙂

      Freya’s death left a profound scar on Elisabeth’s heart. She never raced again… The truth will be revealed soon, however, all facts point at the Gilman family. Who else would have the guts to commit such a dreadful crime? There is more to the Vanderburg family than meets the eye. What if Amanda didn’t want to break up with Zac at all? There’s no doubt that the two will eventually run into each other… Monte Vista isn’t that big a town. Elisabeth really turned out to be a lovely Sim! Her resemblance to Kate is really strong, but she has David’s eyes (not the color, just the shape). Hopefully, she’ll eventually pass down her genes onto the next generation! I’m sure that she won’t stay single for too long 😉 The adventure starts soon!!! BE PREPARED.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

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