2.3 Part Three


It was the first of December. The snow was all around. More than a month has passed since that day Kate got the call from Mr. Pinkerton. Kate and David were the proud parents of three now, little Elisabeth and her twin brothers, Zachary and Finn.


However, someone else has joined their household recently. It was Bella. She ”moved in” a little later than the boys, because setting up her ”room” took far much more time than the boy’s room did. Kate was really happy to have her beloved friend close to her… finally.


This morning, Kate was woken up by Elisabeth. When Kate heard her starting to cry, she jumped out of the bed and quickly took her out of the room, because David worked until late last night and Kate wanted to let him sleep in… after all, it was just 5:50 on Sunday morning. Kate placed Elisabeth in the high chair and gave her a bowl of her favorite baby food. Elisabeth calmed down instantly.


Kate went outside the house, because she saw from the window, that the flag of the mailbox was up.


When Kate looked inside, she saw a big package. What could this be? She thought to herself as she felt how heavy it was. The package was wrapped nicely, so Kate thought it could be a gift. She hesitated, but in the end, decided to keep it as it was and ask David about it later.


When Kate came back inside, Elisabeth was already done eating. Kate picked her up and because Lizzie looked sleepy, Kate decided to put her back in the crib in the hope she would sleep a little more, so she could prepare something good for breakfast for everybody else.


It didn’t take long and at 7 AM everybody was already up. Kate has just finished frying the last pancake, when David approached her from behind, put his hands around her waist and kissed her on her hair.

Good morning, love,” he said.

Good morning. Why are you up so early?”

I felt the smell from the kitchen… Can I have a pancake, please?”

Oh, David! Of course!” smiled Kate at her husband. “I see Zac has a good influence on you!” she laughed. “I only hope, you’ll not behave like this all the time…”

PLEASE, don’t worry, darling,” sneered David at Kate as he grabbed a pancake in his hand.

The very moment David finished his first pancake, Zac and Finn were already running down the stairs screaming Pancakes! Pancakes!

While Kate was bringing the pancakes to the table, Finn stole one from her.

Come on, Finn! There is enough for everybody,” said Kate to him.

Pay attention so you don’t explode one day,” told him his brother when he saw Finn stuffing his mouth like it was the last pancake in the world.

Everybody sat down at the table together, as they always did on the weekends. Zachary was still eating his first two pancakes while Finn has finished everything that was on the plate Kate brought to the table.


Mom! I want more!” Finn started screaming.

There is no more!” told him David.

Yes, sweetheart. Daddy is right, you ate the last one.”

No, I didn’t! Zac still has two on his plate! I want one!” insisted Finn.

Fine, take one,” told him Zac. You meatball, he thought to himself.

Your brother is being very kind to you, Finn. But you already had enough,” said Kate.


Playing the good one with Mommy, are you, thought Finn to himself as he watched his brother eating the last pancake.


Listen, Finn. Don’t look at me like this, please. Mommy is right. You’ve eaten everything!”


Whatever Zac, you’re playing the brave one now, huh? Just because Mommy is sitting next to you, but wait when she is not…”

OK, that is enough! Finn! Collect all the dirty plates and wash them,” told him Kate, because all she needed now was the boys become enemies.


But Mom! I always do the dishes! Why can’t also Zac…,” Finn didn’t finish the sentence, because Kate interrupted him with a sharp NOW!

Come on, Finn, I’ll help you,” told him Zac when he picked up his own plate.


No thanks, just give me that,” said Finn, took Zac’s plate from his hand and went to wash everything alone.

Can I go and play outside Mommy?” asked Zac.

Yes, you can… but dress up well, it’s very cold outside,” smiled Kate at Zac and then turned at Finn who was still washing the plates. “Finn? When you’re done, you can go and play outside with your brother.”

No, thank you, Finn thought to himself, but then happily responded to Kate “Thanks, Mom!”


Zachary was happily building the base for his igloo, while Finn went upstairs to the room to pretend he didn’t care about going outside.



Finn picked up one of the brushes and his color palette and continued painting the picture he started yesterday. When Mommy sees this, she will like me more, I know it, Finn naively thought to himself.



Neither 15 minutes passed and Finn got bored painting. The sun was high in the sky, but the temperature low below zero. Perfect day to build a snowman… or an igloo.


“Hey, Zac? Need help?” Finn asked his twin brother.

“Sure!” said Zac as he placed carefully another snow brick on the top of the wall.


“How do you do it, Zac?” asked him Finn.

“Do what?”


“What do you mean EVERYTHING?”

“Mommy likes you more than me… you build igloos faster than me… I think I will never be as good as you are…,” said sadly Finn to his brother.


“Oh, come on, Finn! Don’t get all miserable just because Mommy got angry. You have to understand her. Don’t you see how much she likes you? Do you think it’s healthy to eat this much? Do you want to become a fat little boy that everybody will make fun of?”

“NO!” screamed Finn.

“So? Why do you keep on working on it?”

“I just… I… I love food!”

“I know! Me too, but I don’t overeat.”

“Neither do I.”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Yes, you do!”

“NO, I DON’T!”

“Fine!” Zac stopped the useless discussion because his brother was never going to admit he’s wrong. It didn’t take long and the igloo was finished. Finn went inside.


“Are you coming in, Zac?”

“After a while.”

“As you want, I am going to make a sofa and a TV here.”

“Yeah, do what you want, Finn.”

“Ok! But don’t get angry later, when everything will be done as I want!”

Whatever, Finn, Zac thought to himself, because he had some more interesting plans on mind right now. He went inside the house, hoping, noone would notice him. David was too concentrated on cleaning the kitchen sink, so Zac had no problem in taking some sweet carrots out of the fridge without asking. He managed to disappear unnoticed.


Zac went outside, looked for Bella and when he saw her, he ran towards her.


She got scared a little, but when little Zac let her sniff his hand, she calmed down.



When he pulled out the carrots out of his pocket, he won her heart. Bella loved carrots as children love sweets.


“Good girl,” said Zac as he fed Bella the carrots.


He caressed her strong neck and whispered in her ear: Let’s be friends, I like you.

Bella whinnied happily so Zac took it as yes.


Later that day during the dinner time, when Lizzie got her third serving of baby food, Zac approached Kate to tell her about Bella.



“Yes, Zac, what is it?”

“You will not believe this!”

“What?” asked him Kate with a worried voice.


“It is Bella! She likes me!” said happily Zac.

“How do you know?” Kate was getting curious because she prohibited to the boys to approach Bella alone.

“I am sorry, Mommy. I know I didn’t have the permission, but…,” said Zac while looking down at the floor.

“But?” continued Kate.

“I gave her some carrots today and she let me caress her.”


“Oh, Zac. I am really happy that Bella likes you, but don’t you understand when I tell you something?”

“Yes, Mommy. I do. I am sorry. You know I love animals.”

“I know, Zac, and that’s why I will not punish you for this.”

“Really?” said happily Zac.

“Yes. I am happy that nothing bad happened to you and that you found your way to approach Bella,” said happily Kate and hugged her son.


“Does this mean I can ride her now?” asked enthusiastically Zac.

“No, Zac, I am afraid not.”

“Why not? Please! PLEASE!”

“You will, Zac, but not now. Let’s wait until you reach the stirrups,” smiled Kate and went to prepare spaghetti for the dinner.



Zac joined his brother, who was watching the television almost for three hours now.


“What are you watching, Finn?” asked him Zac.

“I don’t know. Something.”

“Yeah. I see.”

It didn’t take long and the dinner was ready.


“Dinner!” called Kate from the kitchen and everybody hurried to sit down at the table.

“Enjoy your meal, everybody,” said David and started eating.

“So, boys, did you tell to your father what you’ve been doing today?”


“Yes!” said Finn enthusiastically. “I did!”

“Right, you helped Zac with the igloo, that was very nice of you Finn,” smiled David at his son.

“No! I built it myself!”

“Liar!” screamed Zac.

“Okay, let’s not start again,” Kate tried to calm them down.

“But Mommy! You know I started building the igloo, while Finn was still washing the plates!”

“I know, Zac, I know,” assured him Kate.

“So, Finn, why do you say you built it yourself?” asked him David.

“Because I did!” continued Finn.

“No, you helped me! You would never build it alone! You’re too lazy!” screamed Zac at his brother.

“Come on, boys!” warned them David. “Enough!”

“I am sorry, Daddy,” apologized Zac.

“Fine, Zac. What about you, Finn? Are you going to apologize?”


“Why not?”

“Because it is not fair! I do always everything wrong. Did you know, that Zac played with Bella today, huh?”


“Finn, please,” Kate tried to calm him down. “We love you as much as we love Zac, noone is better than the other. Why do you have to lie about things to us?”

“Because I want you to love me more!” screamed Finn and started to cry.

“Come on, Finn, boys don’t cry,” sneered Zac as he was finishing his meal.

“You don’t talk to me, you…!” said Finn and started to get angry. Zac stood up from the table, picked up his plate and went to put it in the sink.


“Finn, please…,” began Kate. “We love you as much as we love Zac or Lizzie.”

“But I want you to love me more, Mommy…,” continued Finn.

“Mommy and Daddy love us the same, don’t you get it?” told Zac to Finn as he passed along the table.

“Urgh! You! Shut up!”  screamed Finn at Zac.


“Finn, listen now,” said David. “You are our little boy and we love you as nothing else in this world.”

“I am not a little boy!”

“Finn, finish your dinner,” said Kate with that kind of voice that even Finn understood that he overdid it.

“Sorry, Mom, sorry, Dad,” apologized Finn and finished his plate of spaghetti.


Kate and David went to the kitchen leaving Finn behind.


“David,” said Kate and looked at her husband.

“What is it, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know if I am able to raise them up well…,” she said sadly.

“Come here, Kate,” said David and hugged her.

“Every night I ask myself if I didn’t make a mistake.”

“No, sweetie, you didn’t. We didn’t. Everything will be all right. I am here with you, together we’ll manage, I promise.”

“Thanks, honey…,” said Kate, closed her eyes and a tear run down her cheek.

In the meantime, Finn grabbed already his third plate of spaghetti and as nobody was watching, he started quickly shoveling the spaghetti in his tiny mouth. But then Kate turned around and saw him.



Finn panicked and speeded up even more. Before Kate got to him, his plate was empty.

“How many, Finn?”



“Very well, you won’t be having any breakfast tomorrow.”

“But Mom!”


“You cannot do this to me!”

“Yes, I can, Finn. I shouldn’t do this, but I’ll have to! You have to stop overeating yourself!”

Finn didn’t know what to say.

“I am going to take a shower now, so clean up and put the leftovers in the fridge. Don’t you even think of having more, young man, I will find out.”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I will do what you told me.”

“Very well,” said Kate and went in the bathroom.


The moment the door closed, Finn didn’t hesitate and grabbed yet another plate of spaghetti.


He sat down at the table and started eating. Finn didn’t care that the spaghetti got cold, he was simply happy eating it.


Kate finished showering and when she closed the door of the shower, Finn almost choked himself, because he thought it was the bathroom door. For his happiness, it wasn’t so he was able to finish everything that was on his plate.



When Kate was brushing her teeth, Finn was already cleaning the plate getting rid of any clue that could lead to another unpleasant discussion.



When Kate finished brushing the teeth, she cleaned her hands and washed her face, which gave more than enough time to Finn to put the leftover spaghetti in the fridge.



The moment Finn closed the fridge, the bathroom door opened.


“Have you seen your brother, Zac?” asked him Kate.

“Yeah, he’s in the kitchen,” answered Zac in a neutral tone.

“In the kitchen?” wandered Kate.


Kate found Finn standing in front of the fridge. Mommy will never know, thought Finn to himself.


“What are you still doing here, Finn?”

“Making sure noone eats the leftovers, Mommy. Now that you’re back, I think I can go,” smiled Finn thinking he got out of it without any effort.


“You won’t be going anywhere,” said Kate to him.

“But Mommy! I swear that I’ve put the leftovers here, in the fridge, as you asked me,” said innocently Finn pointing his hands at the fridge.


“Very well, Finn. You think I don’t know you? Shall we ask your brother or will you finally tell me the truth?”

“Okay. I am sorry, Mommy. I had one more plate. Can you forgive me?” said Finn feeling really bad about himself.


“I am happy, that you told me the truth yourself, Finn…,” told him Kate. “… but I also told you something else. Do you know what it was?”

“Yes, I think I do.”

“So, tell me, Finn, why did you have more?”

“I cannot stop eating when there is food in front of me, Mommy. I don’t want to become a fat boy that everybody will make fun of, but I just cannot control myself.”

“Finn, listen to me now. I know it is hard for you to understand, but eating too much is not healthy, you can end up in the hospital, did you know that?”

“What? Hospital? No! I don’t want to!”

“Good, so please, stop overeating yourself, okay?”



“Come, I will read you to sleep.”

“Yay! Thanks, Mommy!”

Kate picked up one book from the shelf in the boys’ room, sat on Finn’s bed and started reading.


Zac was already sleeping. When the story ended, Kate kissed both her sons on the forehead and went downstairs.



David was just putting Elisabeth to sleep. Now that there were the boys in the house, Kate didn’t have almost any time to dedicate to her husband and it really bothered her, because no matter what, David was still one hot guy, especially in his pajamas.


She put down the fire and went to the bedroom.



David was already in the bed, but he wasn’t sleeping yet. Kate got in and kissed him. She hoped, that maybe tonight could be the night… but it wasn’t, not for her, but for David. He was getting up early the next morning so Kate didn’t insist.


“There was a package in the mail today. Do you know something about it, honey?”

“Yeah… It’s a… surprise…,” said David with a tired voice.

“Oh, okay…,” said Kate and smiled to herself. Little things like this made her always so happy.

“Good night, sweetie,” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind.


“Good night, David.”



17 thoughts on “2.3 Part Three

  1. Wow. The two boys are really hard on each other. They’ve also taken pretty quickly to calling Kate and David “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Was there much of an adjustment period in their new home?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, they are big rivals! But hopefully their relationship will gradually improve as they age 😉 To my surprise, they both became Good friends with Kate and David pretty quickly. Kate is a Family-oriented Sim, so maybe that helped it too…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Finn and Zac have a bad case of sibling rivalry. I hope it’s just because they’re having a tough time getting adjusted to their new home. Finn seems to be testing his boundaries constantly, trying to get attention from Kate any way he can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lily 🙂 Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, I know. I haven’t revealed the boys’ traits yet, but for you I’ll make an exception 🙂 One of Finn’s traits is Snob. That’s a pretty bad trait on my opinion. He always wants to be the best one, be admired by everyone, have more than the others and in general thinks he can get anything… Everybody hopes that when he’s older, he’ll eventually calm down 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Finn and Zac are a handful. Poor guys… I’m glad Kate and David adopted them, but they’re having trouble adjusting I think, especially Finn. Wow… he eats so much. I wonder if he’s compensating emotionally. I’m glad Kate was kind to him. They both need it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love the twins so much. They’re a total opposite. Finn’s obviously a more problematic child when it comes to behaving well, but neither Zac is a complete angel. You could be right about the reason of Finn’s overeating. I’ve actually never thought about it this way, I only imagined him as a foodie with no limits 🙂 I really had a lot of fun writing them as kids.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I probably went all psychological on Finn with my comment. I like to get into the psychology behind a character. I realize Zac isn’t an angel either. He definitely wasn’t always nice to his brother in his shouting matches. They seem so precious and real little boys though. I’m glad they’ve found a home with Kate and David.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Pingback: SimLit Celebration #3: | TheKrazyCrazyLifeofKass

    • Yeah, Finn was a little naughty boy, though I really had fun writing his character! Kate had worries at the beginning, but thanks to David she managed to raise all her children well. Just wait and see 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s totally normal to have exhausting days with three young children, but I bet David and Kate will make it through and have more time for themselves again. That picture of Finn smirking in front of the fridge is hilarious. I thought the breakfast scene with the pancakes was a great intro to these two little boys!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It surely is! I myself have two younger sisters and they happen to be twins, too! I’m only two years older – the big sister, LOL. I have no idea how my parents managed to raise three children while working full-time jobs and dealing with every obstacle life has decided to place in front of them. I don’t have children yet, but when I see my little nephew pulling his mommy’s hair or running around the room and screaming, I can’t imagine taking care of three of these little humans at the same time!

      That picture of Finn is precious! Mommy will never know. Ha ha! I’m happy you liked the way I introduced Zac and Finn to the story. It may surprise you, but that scene basically wrote itself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you do! I had so much fun playing with the boys and writing their dialogues. Finn has always been my favorite twin 🙂

      I myself have two younger sisters who are twins as well (not identical though) and they have completely different personalities. One of them was chubbier as a child and eventhough she isn’t anymore, she’s still a foodie ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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