2.4 Part Four


It was the day before the Snowflake day. Zac and Finn were having chocolate cookies for the breakfast, their favorite ones.

“So, what do you think we’ll be doing today at school?” asked Finn his brother.


“Don’t you know? It is the last day of school before the Christmas holidays!” answered enthusiastically Zac.


“Oh, ok. And… what… is… special… about… it?” Finn continued asking while chewing the cookie.

“It is the school Christmas party today, Finn!”

“Oh, great… so… we… don’t need to… take the books with us?” asked Finn and swallowed the cookie.


“No,” answered annoyingly Zac.

“Cool. It’s great to have a brother who remembers everything,” smiled Finn and jumped down from the chair. “Let’s go then! It’s a party! Yahoo!” screamed Finn as he ran up the stairs to dress up. Zachary just shook his head and followed his brother upstairs. Finn dressed up faster then ever and when the school bus arrived, he happily ran outside. When Zachary left the house, Finn was already sitting on the front seat of the bus.


What is wrong with him, Zac thought to himself as he walked towards the school bus. He sat next to his brother.



“What’s wrong with you, Finn? You are always late and you always sit behind.”

“I am happy, that today is the last day of school, that’s all… Plus I want to get back home soon, so I figured that if I’m quick, I’ll be home faster.”

“Right,” sneered Zac and the bus pulled away.


After a while, the bus stopped in front of the school.

“Off you go, boys!” smiled the driver.

“Bye, Ms. Jane!” said the brothers with one voice, got off and ran inside the building. When the school bell announced the start of the first lesson, they were both already sitting at their desks.



“Good morning, children,” welcomed them the teacher.

“Good morning, Mrs. Taylor!” replied the children with one voice.

“As all of you know, there are no lessons today. We will gather in the corridor now and go together to the gym, where the youngest pupils await us with their adaptation of the Christmas Carol. Does anyone know, who is the author of this story?”

“Me! ME!” called Zac pushing his right hand towards the ceiling.

“Yes, Zachary?”

“Charles Dickens!”

“Very good, Zachary!” said Mrs. Taylor. Zac happily looked at his brother, who just uncomprehendingly shook his head.

Back at home, it was again just Kate and Lizzie. David left for work only a while after the boys left for school. Kate picked up the cellphone and decided to call her friend George. They haven’t seen each other since a while and Kate thought it could be a nice idea if George spent the Snowflake day together with them.


“Hi, George!”

“Oh, hello, Kate! How are you?”

“I’m fine. Thanks. You?”

“Well, it could be better, but I don’t complain,” smiled George in the phone.

“I wanted to ask you, if you’d like to come over for the dinner tomorrow,” asked him Kate.

“I would love to, Kate! But isn’t it the Snowflake day?”

“Exactly! I don’t want you to be alone…”

“That is so nice of you, thank you!”

“So, we’re all looking forward to seeing you!”


“Me too, dear, me too,” said happily George.

“Perfect! See you tomorrow, then. Bye!”

“Bye bye!”

Later that day, when everybody was back home, David got an idea to take the boys ice-skating. They usually spent all their afternoons in front of the computer or the television, so he thought some fresh air could do them no harm.


“Would you like to go ice-skating, boys?” David asked his sons.


“Sure, Dad!” smiled Zac and went in the room to dress up.

“What about you, Finn, you don’t look so enthusiastic.”

“Well, you know that I’m not that much into sports…”


“Come on, Finn! It will be fun!” encouraged him David.

“I don’t really feel like going, Dad,” Finn kept on protesting.

“I think they sell hot chocolate at the winter festival,” David tempted Finn.


“OK!” said happily Finn and went to put on his winter jacket.


David went in the bedroom and put on his black and white winter clothes he bought recently.


When he went back to the living room, Zac was already waiting there. Finn was half way down, when David noticed him sliding on the railing.



Finn got scared and almost fell down from the railing. Fortunately when David shouted his name, he was almost down on the floor.


“How many times will I have to repeat, that sliding on the railing is very dangerous, Finn!” David got a little angry.

“I am sorry, Dad. Can I still go skating with you?” apologized Finn.

“Yes, you can, but I’m afraid, there won’t be any hot chocolate for you.”


“Dad!” protested Finn, but David didn’t answer to his whining.

“Let’s go, boys!” he said and everybody went outside.


As David watched his sons skate, he noticed, that Zac was quite a skater, while Finn really wasn’t the sports guy after all. Although he somehow avoided falling down on the ice, he wasn’t that sure about his moves either.




When the boys got tired from skating, David proposed taking a greeting card all together.



The photographer was getting pretty nervous, because Finn was constantly bothering about the hot chocolate. When the photographer told them to smile at him, Finn started making faces and not even one picture looked normal. Out of desperation, David promised a cup of chocolate to Finn who immediately started smiling like an angel. We seriously need to do something about this boy, David thought to himself when the photographer passed him three copies of normally looking photos.

Everybody went outside to have a cup of the delicious hot drink.

“Three cups of hot chocolate, please,” asked David politely. “Oh, and please one without the cream on top,” he whispered.


“Here you go, boys,” said David and passed the regular cup to Zac and the other one without the cream to Finn.

“Thanks, Dad!” smiled Zac and licked the cream on top of his chocolate.

“Where is my cream, Dad!” screamed Finn.

“I promised you a cup of hot chocolate, Finn. I didn’t say anything about the cream,” said David provocatively and looked at Zac who was happily smiling.

“That’s not fair!” screamed Finn.

“If you’ll be a good boy, the next time you’ll get also the cream,” told him David.

“Urgh!” said Finn and sipped from his cup.

“Let’s go home, boys,” said David and everyone headed towards the road. When they finished their chocolates, David called a taxi that took them home.


When they arrived home, Kate was already preparing the dinner. In the mean time, Finn with Zac went to warm themselves up at the fire.

“Don’t get too close to the fire, Finn, your pants could catch fire,” said Zac to his brother when he noticed he was getting too close to the flames.


“You’re not my mother, Zachary, so shut up! I can take care of myself,” answered angrily Finn.

“Fine,” said Zac and went to play a game on the computer.


It was Lizzie, who woke up first the next morning. By now, she already knew how to say some words including ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ and her brother’s names.

“Dada! Daa-da!” she called from her crib. David got up and took her in his arms.


“Good morning, Lizzie,” he smiled at her and kissed her on her hair.

“Gut molnin, Lissie,” repeated Lizzie in her cute language and David placed her on the floor.


He put his clothes on and went to prepare waffles for the breakfast. Kate got up and took Lizzie to the bathroom. Although Lizzie knew how to walk and poo alone, she still couldn’t reach the handle of the door.



The smell of waffles in the oven soon reached the first floor and entered the boys room. Zac and Finn quickly got up and ran downstairs to taste them. This morning, David moved Lizzie’s chair closer to the table, so the family could enjoy the breakfast of this special day together.


“I’m really curious if you’ll get any present this year, Finn,” told Zac to his brother.


“Why do you think I shouldn’t get any present?” answered Finn and tried to keep his smile.

“Come on, boys. We’ll see soon enough if you were both good this year,” smiled Kate at them.

“Yeah!” sneered Finn at his brother.

“Move it you two, finish the breakfast, so we can go for a walk to see if Santa is already in town,” smiled David.

“Why do we need to go searching for him, isn’t he going to come later anyway?” asked Zac.

“Well, he is supposed to, but he might not know you live in this house now… so we should rather tell him,” continued David his tricky plan how to free the house, so Kate could prepare everything for the evening.

“But there is Lizzie, isn’t he going to come to bring presents to her, too?” asked Finn his father.

“Yes, of course, he is going to bring gifts to her,” said David and looked at Lizzie.

“So why do we need to go then?” asked Zac.

“Because he could bring presents ONLY to her…,” smiled wickedly David.

“Fine, I am going with you, Dad!” said immediately Finn.

“Good,” smiled David. “What about you, Zac?”

“Yeah, yeah… Let’s go to seek Santa.”

Elisabeth yawned. She was probably tired. Kate smiled to herself, because she imagined, that Lizzie understood her father’s plan without even understanding what he was saying and was just showing how bored she got from her brothers’ naivety.

“Let’s put you back to sleep, Lizzie,” said Kate and picked her daughter from the high chair.


When David, Zac and Finn left the house, Kate started preparing the menu for the evening. It was quite simple to do, but she still had to decorate the Christmas tree and wrap all the presents. Kate managed to prepare the food in less than two hours, she also wrapped the Christmas presents, but the tree wasn’t ready yet. The boys would be coming home in about an hour, so Kate decided to call George if he could come and help her out. It wouldn’t be a best friend if he didn’t say yes. Kate was suddenly feeling relieved. She took some carrots from the fridge and went to wish Merry Christmas to Bella.

“Here you go, Bella. Merry Christmas, girl!” she said and fed her the carrots. Bella happily whinnied and caressed Kate with her nose.



Kate went inside and changed her clothes. By now, little Elisabeth woke up, so Kate dressed up also her. It didn’t take long and George has arrived.


When the bell rang, Kate put Lizzie on the floor and went to welcome her friend.

“Hello, Kate!” said George and waved his hand.

“Hi, George! I’m glad you could make it,” smiled Kate at her friend.


“You can always count on me, Kate.”


“Thanks again. So, let’s do the tree?”

“I have to warn you, though. I haven’t done that in years,” said George.


“Don’t worry about that, you can be just passing me the decorations,” told him Kate.

“Great!” smiled George.


“Follow me upstairs then, I hid the Christmas decorations in the attic,” said Kate to George and went up the stairs.

Come on, George, don’t look there, don’t look there, George thought to himself as he watched Kate’s bum, but he just couldn’t help it.


They picked the boxes with decorations and started decorating the tree. It took them almost an hour, but before everybody came back home, it looked like Santa was already there. The boys were astonished. They couldn’t understand it. Fortunately none of them got suspicious…


Kate told everybody to go wash their hands and get ready for the evening. When everyone dressed in their festive clothes, Kate and George started preparing the table for the dinner. In the meantime, Zac watched his favorite series on the TV, Finn played NFS on the computer and David picked up his guitar and started playing a Christmas song to create the right atmosphere.




When everything was ready, everybody, Elisabeth included, sat at the table, thanked for the meal and started eating.


“The food is delicious, Kate,” said George when he tasted the salad.

“Yes, sweetheart, George is right. You’re the best cook,” smiled David at her.

“Thank you, I’m happy you like it,” answered them Kate.


“Can we go to the tree, Mommy?” asked Finn, who finished his plate as first.

“Not yet, sweetie, wait until everybody is done,” told him Kate.

“Can I have one more plate then… please?” asked Finn his mother.


“Very well, but just because it’s the Snowflake day today,” smiled Kate at him.

“Yay! Thanks!” said happily Finn and grabbed another plate of salad.

It was 7 PM, when everybody went to the tree. After they sang three or four Christmas songs, Kate let the boys open their presents.

“You can open your gifts as first, Finn,” said Zac to his brother.


“You won’t mind?”


“No, I see how eager you are,” smiled Zac.

“Thanks, Zac!” said happily Finn and picked up a blue box with his name written on it. “Wow! I always wanted one of these!” said enthusiastically Finn as he looked inside the box.


The next one in line was Zac. He picked a round red box with his name on it. When he looked inside, he saw a colorful fabric. He pulled it out of the box. It was a lovely pajama!


Lizzie noticed that her brothers started opening the first packages, so she didn’t want to stay behind and made her way to the beautiful pink doll house. There was no wonder it was for her… Kate and David were happy, she understood it was her gift. What a smart girl she is, said David to his wife. Kate just looked at him smiling. Elisabeth sat down and started playing with her new toy. Finn got the same round box as his brother. When he was about to open it, he wished silently for something else than a pajama. Unfortunately his wish didn’t come true. He faked his happiness and sadly went to sit on the couch.


Zac picked up another box with his name. When he lifted the lid, he smiled.

“Wow! This is so cool!”


“What did you get, Zac?” asked him Finn.

“Check this out, bro!” said enthusiastically Zac and went to show his gift to Finn.

Now, it was Kate’s turn. She picked a round box with her name written on it. It was quite heavy. Kate didn’t hesitate and opened it. When she looked inside, she found a smaller box with a red ribbon. She smiled and looked at David. Once she pulled the ribbon and unwrapped the second box, another one appeared.


“What is this?” she asked aloud and smiled.

“Maybe it’s something fragile, sweetheart,” said David to her.

“Or maybe it’s just boxes, Mommy,” laughed Finn.

When she finally got to the last box, it looked old. What could this be, Kate thought to herself. She lifted the lid of the old-looking package and she got shocked… but in a good way. Inside she found a diamond necklace.

“Is this really for me?” she asked aloud.

“What is it, Mommy? What is it!” called Zac.

“Come and give a look.”

Both brothers ran to her and when she showed them the necklace they both said with one voice Wooow!

Kate sat back on the couch and whispered to David “Thank you, David, but…,” she didn’t finish because David interrupted her “Not now, sweetie, later.” He stood up and went to open his first gift. Lizzie was still playing with her new house and right now she was chewing the head of a male figurine.


David opened the blue box and to his surprise, found a pajama.


Then it was finally George’s turn. When he was about to open the first one, he looked at Zac and Finn who were giggling at the table.


“What is it you two? Why do you smile?” he asked them.

“We made a bet, that also you will get a pajama!” smiled Zac.


“Yeah, if you get something else, I win!” said happily Finn.

“Let’s see then…,” said George and lifted the lid.

“So? Tell us! TELL US!” screamed the boys.


It’s a…

“Pajama?” asked enthusiastically Zac.

“A… a… sweater!” smiled George.

“Yay! Loser! I win! I WIN!” sneered Finn at Zac.

“Fine, fine… You can have my piece of cake later,” said Zac.

“Great!” smiled Finn.

George liked the sweater so much, that he has put it right on.

“Incredible. It’s a perfect fit!” he said and clapped his hands.


David approached the tree and picked one of the last boxes.

“Wow, this is a heavy one!”

“Come on, Dad! Open it up!” called Finn and sat on the couch next to Zac.

David lifted the lid and found a black camera. Wow, he thought to himself.


“I wonder how the Santa managed to get this,” he said out loud and looked at Kate.

“Who knows,” she smiled back and went to pick up her next gift.

Kate opened the box and laughed.


“Now I guess we are complete,” she said as she pulled out her new pajama from the box.

There was still one more gift left for George, so he went and opened it. It was a box full of chocolates, when Finn got to know, he mooched a couple from him.


Zac and Finn were sitting on the couch observing the burning candle, when George called: “I see two more gifts here, boys, and they are not for me, nor for Kate or David.”


They immediately jumped down from the couch and ran to the tree. The last gifts were from George, but they didn’t know. When they found out what was inside, they looked happy. George decided to gift them the kids version of fishing rods, so when the spring would come, he could take them fishing with him.



It was the cake time now.

Kate, David and George went to grab a plate, while Zac and Finn were discussing about their future fishing adventures.


“But maybe, we could make a hole in the ice and go fishing already tomorrow!” said Finn to his brother.


“I don’t know, Finn… We don’t even know how to use the rod. We’ll have to convince Dad or George to come with us.”

“Mhmh… You’re right. Well, let’s have the cake then.”

“You have it. I lost, remember?”

“Oh, come on, you can have it! It’s the Snowflake day!” said Finn and went to grab the cake.


“It’s the first time you voluntarily give me your food, Finn. What happened to you?”

“Nothing. But don’t get used to this! It’s just for today,” Finn called from the table.

When everybody ate the cake, David approached Zac.

“I think, that you have forgotten one last gift,” he smiled at him and pointed at the big red box with the plushy dog attached to it.


Zac turned his head. “What could be inside, if the toy is on the outside?” Zac asked aloud.


“I know! I KNOW IT!” screamed Finn.


Zac opened the box and a small dog jumped out of it.


“No way! Welcome to our family, little guy,” said Zac and picked up the dog.

“So, what shall we call this little ball?” asked them Kate.

“Yeah, he looks like a ball,” smiled Finn.

“What about… Snowball?” said Zac and everybody agreed.


The family stayed in the living room for some more time enjoying their gifts and when George decided to go home, everybody went to sleep… only Kate somehow felt, that the night was not just over yet.


20 thoughts on “2.4 Part Four

    • Thank you, Laura 🙂
      I actually never cared so much about the festive outfits in my ‘regular’ games, but for the legacy I am putting more effort to everything 🙂 Sometimes, when I plan outfits for multiple Sims my game tends to crash, so I’m sure you can imagine how it feels when you lose everything. But hey, it’s the Sims game, we love it anyway, don’t we? 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I liked seeing the family all getting along on Snowflake Day. It was really nice of Kate to invite George so he didn’t have to spend the holiday alone. Then again, he’s been a good friend to her, too. She wouldn’t have Bella if it weren’t for George.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was actually the first time I did something like this. With the tree and all the outfits… Although multiple crashes of the game, I am sure all this was worth it 🙂
      Yes, Kate is a good friend and she kinda still feels in debt with him, especially now, when his days are running short 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Finn, he’s probably my favorite at this point, though we’ll see if that changes when Lizzie ages up. He’s not perfect. He has major flaws in his character. That and he reminds me of a good friend when he was a kid. 🙂 If the twins were bloodline related, I’d hope Finn ended up the heir.

    Lovely chapter, as always! A nice slice of the holidays! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • I bet your friend was the ‘bad’ kid when he was small 😀 I have two sisters and they happen to be twins. When we were little, there have been moments of ‘devil’ vs. ‘angel’ as well. I really enjoy writing the kids, they are so much more fun! And yes… certain kind of elders as well e.g. Luis. LOL

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This was a great chapter! David taking the boys ice skating and to the festival was nice so Kate could get Christmas ready. Their outfits were very festive. I loved their reactions to their presents. Their gifts were very nice. Oh George… still eyeing Kate… the dirty old man. Lol. David and Kate bought a puppy for the family. How sweet! I wonder what Kate means about the night not being over… hmm… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All of your set up really paid off for the reader- when I was reading it, I was thinking, Kate is really making the most of this Snowflake Day for everyone, George, Bella, the children, and of course, David. It’s a lot of work in real life, in setting up the sims, and even for the sims but the result was a memorable day for everyone. And Finn even shared his food 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Finn shared his food, a miracle!!! It was probably the first time and the last, but it’s not really important, ha ha! This kid was so much fun to write 🙂

      I’m very pleased that you appreciate all the effort I’ve put into taking these screenshots! Christmas has been my favorite holiday of the year ever since I can remember, but now that I’m a big girl, it’s not about Christmas gifts anymore. It’s one of the rare moments of the year when I get to see my family and spend some precious moments with them. Also Kate wanted to make the most of this special day – it was the very first Snowflake Day for the Loewes as a complete family, Snowball included!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Finn is really funny, one part of me hopes that he won’t be such high maintenance in the future, but I’m sure I’d miss his old self if he changed 🙂 Snowball is such a cute dog! ❤ I really loved how you described all the little details of their day, it was a very sweet chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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