2.6 Part Six


“What’s this, Zac?” Elisabeth asked her brother and pointed her finger at the pink gooey substance in front of her.


“It’s good, Liz, try it.”

“Hmm, it reminds me on my strawberry bubble gum,” she said when she tasted the pudding.

“I know. It’s a pudding with a bubblegum flavor. I told you you’d like it, didn’t I?” Zac smiled at her.


“I really like this, I’d eat this everyday!” said happily Elisabeth and quickly emptied the bowl.

“Maybe we should rather get going. You don’t want to be late on your fist day of school, do you?” said Finn.

“Did you hear that? The bus is here!” called Zac.


“Let me just lick it up,” begged Elisabeth.

“Come on, you slob! Let’s go!” sneered Finn.

“Listen who speaks,” laughed Zac at his brother.

“Ok, ok… I’m going…,” said Elisabeth. I hope I’m not the only girl in class…, she thought to herself as she walked towards the main door.


“Where’s Zac?”

“I have no idea, Liz.”

“But like this we’ll arrive late,” Elisabeth started to worry.

“Chill out, sister! If we do arrive late, just blame it on the driver,” Finn smiled innocently.


“I heard you, Finn,” smiled Jane, the bus driver. “Don’t listen to your brother, Elisabeth. I assure you, you’ll arrive on time. Look! Here he comes!” said Jane and started the engine.


“I think you should apologize to her, Finn. It wasn’t nice from you,” Elisabeth whispered to her brother.

“Relax, Liz! And don’t be so polite. The kids won’t like to be friends with you if you behave like this,” said Finn aloud.

“Don’t listen to him, Liz,” told her Zac. “He’s just playing the smart guy, but he’s completely wrong. The kids will like you for sure, so will the teachers!”


The moment Zac stopped talking to his sister, the bus pulled away. They drove down the hill, across the bridge, passed along the Little Pony equestrian center and the training grounds, went up the hill and the next moment the buss stopped in front of the school.


“Are we here already?” Liz asked aloud with quite worried voice.

“Yes we are, little lady, I promised you we’d arrive on time,” smiled Jane. “Off you go! Good luck!”

Elisabeth’s body suddenly felt glued to the bus seat. “Come on, sis! We’re here. Let’s go!” said Finn to her, but she wasn’t paying attention. Finn had to push her off the seat.


“What’s the matter with you, Liz?“ asked her Zac.

“Hmm… Nothing, just…,” she answered absentmindedly.

“Let’s go already, or you’re going to be late and you don’t want to be late, right?”


Elisabeth followed her brothers to the main door. “Maybe I should rather wait outside,” said Liz.

“What are you saying? Why?” asked her Zac.


“What if the teacher won’t like me… or the others… I’m… I’m… scared…,” mumbled Elisabeth.

“Oh come on, Lizzie, of course they will like you. Let’s go,” said Zac and pushed her in the door.


Back at home, Kate was making the beds in the boy’s room when Snowball barked at her.


“Snowball, give me a moment and I’ll take care of you,” told him Kate, but he continued on barking. Snowball was digging holes in the garden since early morning and the wet dirt started getting dry so it was itching him. Kate picked him up and took him to the bathroom downstairs.


“Hey honey! How is it going with that wrench?” said Kate when she noticed David trying to repair the shower which got mysteriously broken for the twentieth time this week.

“I think we should rather get a new one, because it keeps on breaking each time someone takes a shower.”


“Or maybe, we should call a repairman,” smiled Kate.

“Do you really think I can’t fix a damn shower?”

“Well, I didn’t exactly say that. Every time it broke you repaired it, so I deduce from this that you can repair it…,” said Kate. …but the thing is, that it always breaks after you repair it, she thought to herself.

“Exactly, I can repair it and I think I just did!” exclaimed happily David.


“That’s… great!” said Kate with not so convinced voice, but it seemed David didn’t notice. “Come on, Snow, let’s wash the dirt off you,” she said and placed the dog in the bath tub. “Isn’t this better? What do you say?” said Kate as she rubbed his back.


“I wonder if I could get a service like him,” asked David his wife with a sweet but alluring voice.

“I don’t see you dirty anywhere,” answered Kate with a slightly provocative voice.

“I can get dirty really quickly,” David continued on playing the game.

“I’d like to see that,” smiled Kate at him.

“So… would you like to see what miracle my hands just did?” asked her David and pointed his hands at the shower.

“Well, I believe your hands can do many kinds of miracles, am I right?”


“Yeah… sure they can. Let me show you…,” said David as he pulled Kate close to him, kissed her and started undressing her…


… after half an hour

“What are we having for lunch today?” asked David.

“Let’s see,” Kate opened the fridge, but it was almost empty. She couldn’t find enough ingredients to prepare the lunch. Well, you can have one egg with a leftover bubblegum yogurt, or we both could have something tasty such as grilled cheese, she smiled.


I think I’m fine with the second option.

Great, dress up then and go to do some shopping.

Why? Didn’t you just say there was the cheese?

No, I said we could have it. I didn’t say it was there…

Very well… I’ll call Finn to meet me after school at the grocery shop. We’ll do the shopping together, said David and picked up the phone.


Fine. And what is it we’re having now? asked him Kate.

Anything they serve at Delfina’s, said David.

Wow! We’re going to the restaurant for no special reason? When was the last time you took me to…

There is actually a special reason, Kate. The ‘no food in the fridge’ kind of reason.

Kate smiled and went to the bedroom to prepare herself.

It was 2 PM, the end of Zac and Finn’s class.


Hey Finn, I’m going to stick around for a little more, called Zac at his brother.

I don’t know what makes you want to stay here only a minute longer, but do what you must, Zac.


It’s Liz. I promised her yesterday, I’d wait for her. Plus her class ends in an hour…

Fine. Anyway I have to go with dad to do some shopping… he called me.

Ha ha, I don’t need to ask why he called you, right? Just please make sure you don’t accidentally eat everything before you get home, sneered Zac and walked to the school playground. He sat on a swing and waited…


Couple of minutes past 3 PM, Elisabeth was coming to the playground to meet her brother.


Hey! called Zac.

Hi Zac, answered Liz.

So, how was your day?

Pretty fun, smiled Elisabeth.


Well, I’m happy to hear that! Let’s go home?

I can’t go home just yet, answered Elisabeth with a worried tone.


Why not?

Because there is going to be a field trip tomorrow and Mrs. Brown chose me to dropp off the permission slips at the City Hall.

Really? And who signed yours?

That’s the thing… I can’t go home to ask mommy because I would not be able to get to the City Hall on time… and… nobody would be able to go… and… nobody would like me… and… I would be never able to make friends… so… can you sign it, please? asked Elisabeth and blinked her big eyes.

I see… So my little sister wants me to fake the signature… And what will I get in return?

I won’t tell mommy, promised Elisabeth and blinked her eyes again.

Oh, really… Hmm, that’s something, laughed Zac.

Zac, please… PLEASE!

Ok, ok… I’m just having fun, he smiled. Where do I fake the signature, miss?

Here, said Elisabeth and pointed her finger at the bottom of the paper. Zac took a pen from his pocket and with one sleek movement signed Elisabeth’s permision slip.

Wow! It looks just like mommy’s! screamed happily Elisabeth.

I know…, said Zac. “…it’s not the first time I did it. Promise me you won’t tell anyone.

Don’t worry, Zac! Thanks! said Elisabeth and hugged her brother.


How are you going to get to the City Hall? On foot it’ll take you forever.

I have a bike.

Oh really? And where did you get it?

Mrs. Brown lent me her sons’s bike.

Ok, well… I was already worried you stole it.

Why do you think I would do such a thing?

Just saying…, said innocently Zac.

Wait. Have you ever stolen a bike yourself?

Of course… Not, he smiled.

Right! I don’t believe you, laughed Elisabeth, picked up the bike and headed towards the City Hall.


Kate was already back from the restaurant. David and Finn were shopping for groceries and Zac was on the way home. Kate picked her cellphone to text her friend George saying she’d be glad to see him before he leaves early tomorrow morning. She clicked the sent button and walked to the stables.


Oh, Bella… George is leaving us, girl, Kate whispered to Bella’s ear. Bella sadly whinnied. I’m going to miss him so much… He’s like a father to me…, continued Kate and a tear ran down her cheek. I had plans… and I needed his help…


Kate stood there for a long while with her eyes closed thinking about everything that George has ever done for her. Then suddenly, Snowball ran inside the stables and started happily barking and jumping on Kate.

Calm down, Snow! What’s the matter, boy?

Hello Kate! I got your message, so… I’m here, smiled George and walked towards Kate.

Hey! George! It’s so good to see you!

It’s always good to see you, too, Kate, said George and hugged her.

I hope I don’t disturb you from packing or something, asked Kate.

You? Disturb? Nah! These two words don’t fit together, he smiled. Oh, what the… Oh! Hey, Snowball! Good to see you, buddy!

I’m afraid you’ll have to at least caress him, or he won’t stop, said Kate.


So, Kate, is there any special reason why you wanted to see me?

Well, I wanted to share something with you…

You don’t say… what is it?


You know I have a deep passion for horses and everything that comes with them…


“… I thought, that now, when I have enough space to shelter more than one horse… I thought that you and I… that we…


Are you trying to tell me, you are planning to open a school?

YES! The school for racing horses! I want to train horses and see young jockeys coming here to practice with them or borrowing our horse to just go for a ride in the nature… but the main idea is to have a horse-training school. What do you think?

W-O-W! Kate! I don’t know what to say!

Don’t say anything then!

I always knew you would do something big one day… But I have never imagined it would be this big! I mean, that day when you won the first racing competition organized in this town… I knew you’d win… I simply knew. You have it inside of you, Kate! I’m sure that your school will be the best school for horses there has ever been! Go for it, Kate! I know you can make this come true!

Thank you for everything George…, said Kate with sadness in her voice.


Come on, Kate! Don’t despair! I know you will do it!

I guess….

What’s wrong with you, dear?

I just… I… I wish we could do this together, George, confessed Kate. It is also your dream, we can make our dreams come true together!


I wish I could, Kate. I wish I could, answered George and the sparkle he had in his eyes a while ago was suddenly gone. I hope I’ll see you tomorrow morning… but in any case… I brought you something, said George and gave a bouquet of yellow roses to Kate.


Thank you, George. Of course I’ll be there for you in the morning, smiled Kate and smelled the flowers.

Great! I’m so happy I met you, Kate, told her George while Bella happily whinnied.

I’m so happy I met you, too, George.


Elisabeth finally got to the townwalls sitting on the hill as a crown on a king’s head. She rode across the square towards the City Hall.


When she reached it, she got off the bike and ran inside. The moment she was about to open the door, it was opened by someone else who was coming from the City Hall.


It was her father’s friend, Jayden.

Hello, little girl. You must be Elisabeth.


Yes. How do you…

Don’t be scared, Liz. I know you probably don’t remember me, because the last time I saw you you were a little baby… I’m David’s friend, Jayden.

Ok, answered Elisabeth.


Girls like you shouldn’t be walking around this town alone. Especially now, when the sun is setting. Be careful,warned her Jayden and left so quickly that Elisabeth had to pinch the skin on her hand to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. What a strange friend my daddy has, she thought to herself as she walked in the City Hall.


Elisabeth delivered the permission slips and when she went out of the City Hall, it was already dark. As she walked towards the square she was thinking about the advice Jayden gave her so it happened that she completely forgot about the borrowed bike.


When Elisabeth got near the fountain, she noticed a deer standing few meters ahead. First, she hid behind the bushes to observe it silently, but when she saw a woman caress the animal, she slowly walked towards it.


Hey there, Rudolf! Elisabeth greeted the deer thinking he was Rudolf, the reindeer. I thought you had a red nose, she said as she caressed him.


What are you doing here all alone? Where’s Santa? Elisabeth kept on asking the deer, who just shook his head from left to right and headed towards the dark alley. Oh, right! It’s summer! What would Santa be doing here? I’m silly, she laughed. Please! Come back! she called, but the deer disappeared in the dark.


Hmm… I guess he wasn’t Rudolf after all, Elisabeth said to herself as she scratched her hand. And what is this smell? I’m getting hungry… I guess it’s coming from the pizzeria, she thought to herself and headed inside.



And where do you think you’re going all alone, little lady, George thought to himself as he noticed Elisabeth entering the pizzeria. He was going to have the dinner there himself, so he followed her.


Hello there young lady! said the waiter.

Good evening! Can I use the bathroom, please? asked politely Elisabeth.

Sure, it’s the door at the end of the room.


Now, I would grab a slice of pizza… or maybe two, Elisabeth thought to herself as she was coming back from the bathroom. But I have no money, so I guess, I’ll have to go home. When Elisabeth reached the counter and thanked the waiter for letting her use the bathroom, a woman with a very pale skin approached her.

Hello little girl! You look really hungry, would you like to eat something? Slice of pizza or maybe two? asked the woman and smiled wickedly.


I was just thinking about pizza, but unfortunately, I don’t have money.


You don’t need to worry about money, I will buy you the pizza! Just tell me which one you’d like!

Really? Well then… I really like the one with pepperoni, said Elisabeth.

Great! I like that one too!


“Ahem… What do you think you’re doing, Nicoletta? asked George the woman.


“What is going on?” asked Elisabeth both of them.

Nothing, child. Go and pick a place at the table, told her Nicoletta.

No, Elisabeth! Don’t! Come here, I’ll take you home, told her George. I know your mother Kate, continued George, but Elisabeth didn’t move, she was shocked.


Listen very well now Nicoletta. Keep away from the girl and any other child from our town! I know very well, that you are not like the rest of us!

What the hell, O’Connor! Let us be! screamed Nicoletta.


You really think I don’t know you’re a vampire?!

VAMPIRE! Oh my god! screamed Elisabeth and ran away.


From the moment I saw you with Jayden James, it was clear to me. It seems like Elisabeth changed her mind, I’m afraid she’ll not be having the pizza with you after all, said George and looked at Liz.


You owe me this one, O’Connor! I’ll be watching you…, mumbled Nicoletta as she walked away. George approached Elisabeth to explain to her better who he was.


Is all this true? asked Elisabeth when George told her everything.


I wouldn’t lie to you, Lizzie, George assured her. So do you still want the pizza?

No, thanks. I’ll go home. Mommy and daddy must be worried, said Elisabeth.


Let me at least take you home, George smiled at her, but Elisabeth suddenly changed her opinion about George and without saying good bye, she suddenly ran away.


I don’t understand, George thought to himself. Here you go old man, Nicoletta smiled to herself as she saw Elisabeth running away from George.


George picked his cellphone to call Kate.


Hey Kate!


Yes, it’s me!

What happened?

It’s… It’s Elisabeth.



Nothing happened to her, Kate. At least not for the moment,George tried to calm her down.

Not for the moment? Where is she?

She just ran away from the pizzeria… I think she’s headed home.



I’m coming to get her. Bye, George. Thanks!


Elisabeth was running away from the pizzeria as fast as she could, but this time, Kate was even faster.


Here you are! Gosh, I’m glad you’re ok, said Kate when she saw Elisabeth standing on the sidewalk. She got off the car and walked towards her daughter.


Well? asked her Kate.

I’m sorry, mommy, apologized Elisabeth hoping her mother wouldn’t get mad at her.

I’m happy to hear you’re sorry, Lizzie, but I want to know what happened today.


Won’t you be mad if I tell you? worried Elisabeth.

I will be, if you don’t tell me. Well?

Can I tell you on the way home?


Very well, but don’t think you’re going to escape the punishment, warned her Kate.


Elisabeth told everything that happened. She wanted to avoid revealing the truth about the signature on her permission slip at any cost, so she thought up a not-very-convincing-story to cover her brother. Kate anyway knew the truth because as hard as the boys have always tried, she somehow got to know the truth about everything…

Who it was again that signed your permission slip, Lizzie? I think I overheard it before, asked her Kate jokingly.

No, you haven’t. You heard well, mommy, smiled Elisabeth innocently.

You should ask the fairy to help you with your homework then, because your mommy is going to sleep, smiled Kate.


Elisabeth went upstairs to her room. She closed the door, took her homework and sat at the table.

I wish I had a magical friend to help me do my homework.” The moment she said it, her doll fell from the shelf.


What was that? Elisabeth asked aloud as she looked around the room. She noticed her doll laying on the floor. Hesper? Who did this to you? Elisabeth picked up the doll, placed it back on the shelf and went back to do her homework. I guess this will be a really long night, she thought to herself as she read the first part of it.


After an hour, Elisabeth decided to go to sleep hoping someone would help her finish the homework tomorrow morning before the class. She changed into her pajamas and went to sleep…



15 thoughts on “2.6 Part Six

  1. Elisabeth had quite an eventful first day of school — her first permission slip forgery, being out alone in the city after dark and running into vampires with nefarious motives. It was nice of Zac to wait for Liz after school so she wouldn’t have to go home alone on her first day. It didn’t work out so well, but at least he tried. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, she certainly did. Luckily George was at the right time in the right place 🙂 I hope you haven’t missed Lizzie’s bedtime adventure, that one was also kinda creepy!
      Thank you for following the story and for your nice comments Lily 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh no! Elisabeth had a scare. That creepy Jayden… and Nicoletta. I wonder what her plans were. I’m glad George interrupted her, but I’m sad Elisabeth didn’t recognize him. Oh well… at least she’s safe and her mom picked her up. Hmm… I wonder if we’ll learn more about Jayden and Nicoletta.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure if I developed their characters further, all I can tell you is that Jayden and Nicoletta are actually lovers in my game. Vampires live a long life, so maybe we could see this couple somewhere in the future…

      George saved Elisabeth from Nicoletta’s evil plans. She was probably too scared to trust another ‘stranger’ – Elisabeth last saw him when she was little, so that’s why she probably didn’t remember him. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. it was an eventful day for Elisabeth, but I have to admit, I loved the banter between Kate and David, and them taking the opportunity of Elisabeth starting school to have some romance. I’m so glad George was there to stop that vampire woman from hurting Elisabeth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that all three kids are at school, Kate and David can finally have some adult fun! I have no idea how frustrating it must be for parents of little children – the worries of being caught in action must take away all the excitement! I guess grandparents come in handy in moments like this. Too bad Zac, Finn and Elisabeth have none! 😀

      Lizzie’s first day of school was quite long and scary. Luckily George was at the right time in the right place and saved Kate’s daughter from Nicoletta’s thirst for sweet fresh blood. Hopefully Elisabeth learned a lesson, even though I doubt it. She’s a curious girl this one!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nicoletta Lombardi is definitely one shady townie. She was turned into a vampire by the Story Progression. After I moved David out of the house he shared with Jayden (and ask Nicoletta to ‘be just friends’), Nicolleta and Jayden soon became an item and she was probably the one who turned him into the vampire… It’s actually pretty funny, because it was Jayden to warn Elisabeth about Nicoletta, eventhough he hasn’t mentioned her name…

      It’s unbelievable how George manages to always be at the right time in the right place! Elisabeth will definitely remember her first day of school 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, that was close! Poor Elizabeth, to run into two vampires at the same night! 😓 That must have been scary! Poor girl, I understand her for not wanting to trust George (even though he warned her with Nicoletta)!
    So Kate is going to open a school, that’s exciting! 🙂
    Oh and the bathroom scene was really funny and romantic at the same time ❤ Very nice chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elisabeth’s first day of school was truly eventful, she was lucky to run into George in the pizzeria… Who knows what could have happened otherwise!

      Kate is going to make one of her dreams come true! Hopefully the equestrian academy will have the potential of becoming the only source of income for the future generations! Shame that George won’t be there to see that happen…

      Kate and David are so sweet together, even now that Kate is an elder. She’s really a lucky woman to have such a handsome and younger husband 🙂

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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