2.8 Part Eight


The last night, Kate couldn’t sleep well. She dreamt about her childhood spent in the Appaloosa Plains orphanage, about Mary and the other children who lived there… Then she found herself as a young girl in her pajamas walking in the cemetery… She stopped in front of a white marble tombstone with her surname engraved on it when suddenly she heard a dog barking. When it got unpleasantly loud, she opened her eyes. It was Snowball who was scratching the door of the bedroom. Kate quickly got up and went to let him out so he wouldn’t wake up the entire house. She looked at the clock in the kitchen, it was 5.30 AM. Since she wouldn’t fall asleep again, Kate decided to get dressed and have a coffee. It was early morning of the Leisure Day. When she finished her cup of coffee she went outside to find Snowball. She walked in the terrace and looked for the dog when she saw the ghost of Mary Graham sitting in the wicker armchair…


“Mary? What… what are you doing here?”

Good morning, dear, answered Mary and stood up. She hovered through the air towards Kate. I’m waiting too long, Kate. I need to find the place to rest. You promised me you’d help me.


I know Mary, I know…

I noticed the willow tree in the corner of your garden so I came to ask if…

Yes, Mary. I talked to David and we decided to have our little graveyard. Once we pass away from this world we’d like to stay close to our children, grandchildren and all the future generations.

That’s exactly what I wish for. I need to stay close, Kate. I have only you and the boys… you know I always took you as my own.


I know Mary… you can stay with us, told her Kate and smiled.

I am so glad you said that…, said Mary and looked towards the willow tree. It looks so peaceful. Thank you, Kate. Thank you so much.

Is that Lizzie’s doll? asked her Kate when she noticed that Mary was holding Hesper in her hand.


How did you come by her doll? No, don’t tell me that you have talked to her.

I apologize sincerely. I had to do that. For Lizzie.

Had to do what?


You’ll see… or actually, you won’t, smiled Mary.

I really have no idea what you’re talking about, Mary, but I noticed that Liz was searching for Hesper all around the house so you must give him back.

Of course I will, she said and placed Hesper in the armchair. Well, it’s time to go.


Good bye, Mary.

I’ll see you soon, Kate, said Mary and a kind smile appeared on her lips.


What do you mean see you soon? Kate thought to herself but before she could say it out loud, Mary disappeared with the wind.


The very moment Elisabeth woke up and went downstairs still dressed in her pajamas.


Mommy, what just happened? I had this dream about Hesper… He was like the boy from the book.


Everything is all right, sweetie. Go back to bed.

But mommy, what about Hesper?


Oh right. Ahem.. I.. found him! He’s right there in the armchair, told her Kate. Take him and go back to your room, Lizzie.


But mommy, what if he really is the boy from the book? What if he really is Pinocchio! He’s made of wood as well!


Oh, come on, Lizzie, Kate caressed Lizzie’s hair and went inside.


The moment Kate moved from Elisabeth’s field of vision…

Hesper? Is that… is that… YOU? Elisabeth asked the doll which became somehow bigger than he was the last time she’s seen him. Hesper didn’t answer, but he waved at her.


Elisabeth decided to approach. As she walked towards him, she was thinking about Pinocchio’s story. Could her doll become a real boy one day?


Elisabeth stood right in front of him. “Can you talk?” she asked Hesper. Although she wished he said yes, she was also a little afraid of the positive answer.



“Oh, wow… Where have you been all this time? I was searching for you everywhere…”



“You were with the… the ghost?”



“Oh… So… She did this to you? I mean… you grew and… you move… and talk. Wow! What else can you do? Can you do magic?”

“No magic, no.”

“Shame… Well, what can you do? Can you eat? Do you sleep?”

“No eat. No sleep. Play and help.”

“Oh, ok. So you can do my homework?”




“Homework. Hesper learn.”


“Oh, so you want to learn? But I am afraid, that I can’t take you to school… Someone could see you.”

“Just you see.”



“That’s so cool! I am so happy you’re back, Hesper!” said Elisabeth and hugged him.

“Happy Hesper,” he whispered.


In the meantime, Kate was preparing apple pancakes for breakfast.


When she heard someone open the fridge, she automatically said: “Finn, the breakfast is almost ready. Close it.” Finn just mumbled something and closed the fridge with his leg.


When Zachary woke up, the first thing he would to do was to finish his homework. Although it was the Leisure Day, he wanted to get rid off it as soon as possible so he wouldn’t have to think about it all day long.


What is this? Zachary thought to himself when he looked at the task. I don’t remember ever hearing of this, he thought and stared at the paper. After a while he started writing something down but it wasn’t convincing him. Maybe I’ll rather ask Finn, I’m sure he finished his homework already yesterday.


He closed his notebook and picked the lamp he hid under his bed. He cleaned it with the corner of his cushion and the next second Tenille appeared in the room.

“Hey, Tenille!”

“Good morning, Zac,” said the Genie.

“How did you sleep tonight?” asked her Zac.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I feel more comfortable now,” she giggled.


“I can imagine. The lamp is really tiny…”

“Yes, it certainly is. So, tell me Zac, what can I do for you. Is there something you wish for?”

“Well… No… Not really. I haven’t exactly thought of anything…,” he said and scratched his head. “When I figure out something, I will tell you.”

“So why did you summon me?”

“Well… I don’t know. Just to make sure you’re still in there…”

“I see, well, now that I’m not in there, I think I’ll go for a walk,” said Tenille and left the room.

“No! Wait!” screamed Zac when he realized someone could see her. When he ran out of the room, Tenille was already going down the stairs.


Kate just finished preparing the breakfast and called everybody to the terrace.


Finn was playing chess on the computer, but when he smelled the pancakes he immediately joined his mother outside.


Zac caught up with Tenille in the living room.

“You cannot just walk around the house like this! Someone could see you… and… and there would be questions!”


“I’m sorry Zac. I didn’t know you haven’t told them about me,” Tenille apologized.


“Well, the thing is that I cannot just say ‘Hey mom, I have a blue friend in my room and it’s a girl… and she lives in a golden lamp…’, you know?”

“Do you have something against my skin tone, Zachary?”

“No… I don’t. It’s just… uh… nevermind. Listen, could you please go back to your lamp?”


“Is that your first wish, Zac?”

“No! It’s not!”

“So I don’t have to go back to my lamp then,” she smiled wickedly.

“Oh, come on, Tenille! Please…,” praised her Zac.

“Ok, ok. I was just fooling around with you,” she smiled. “The next time you summon me though, have the first wish ready,” she said, clapped her hands and disappeared.


This was close, Zac thought to himself and went upstairs to change from his pajamas.

“… and you can be really standing close to me and nobody will see you?” Elisabeth kept on assuring herself about Hesper’s invisibility to others.



“And if you talk to me, can they hear you?”

“No,” said Hesper and giggled.

“What? Is something funny?” asked him Liz.

“You talk to yourself. Funny,” Hesper giggled again.

“Oh, right! They will think I have gone mad, if they’ll hear me talking to you… They will think I talk to myself,” figured Elisabeth.

“Yes yes,” agreed Hesper.

“Well, in that case, we should avoid talking to each other in the presence of my family… especially my brothers, because they would make fun of me for the rest of my life,” said Elisabeth and headed towards the terrace. Hesper followed her. She grabbed a plate of pancakes.


“You’ll get really fat,” Elisabeth told to Finn when she saw the pile of pancakes on his plate.

“Mind you business Liz,” he answered while chewing.

“Ok everyone, when you’re done, go to pick your swimsuits and towels! We’re going to the sea!” cheered Kate.


“To the sea? Why?” asked Finn.

“It’s a very nice day today and a little bit of movement will do you no harm,” she smiled.

Even you, mom?” asked Finn and looked at her uncomprehendingly. “Does anybody else have some problem with my weight?”

“Come on, Finn, finish your breakfast and let’s move,” encouraged him Zac.

When everybody ate the breakfast, David collected all the plates and cleaned them. Kate went to find Snowball as he was supposed to go with them as well. Elisabeth happily hurried in her room to gather all her diving equipment. Snorkeling and searching for sea shells was one of her favorite summertime activities.


They arrived to the beach and to everyone’s surprise it was completely empty.

“Do you see people? Noone goes to the sea in September. Let’s go someplace else,” commented Finn.


“How not? We do!” exclaimed Elisabeth and headed towards the water.

“Not so fast little lady,” called Kate. “Let’s put on the swimming costume first, shall we?” she smiled. Elisabeth smiled back and followed her mother to the changing rooms. David has changed to his swimsuit already at home, so when Kate and Liz finally left the changing rooms, he was already lying on his towel reading a book.



Finn headed directly to the bar to get some refreshment. Although it was September, the day temperatures in Monte Vista were still very high.


As Kate walked to the beach she noticed Finn at the bar. “Can I have a drink, please?” she called. “Sure! I’m making drinks for everybody,” he called back.


Elisabeth already tried the water, but it was quite cold so she decided to wait for it to get a little warmer.


“Thanks for the drink, Finn.”

“No prob, mom.”


“Why don’t you join your brother in the water?” asked him Kate when she saw Zac snorkeling in the sea.


“I don’t like swimming so much… I’ll rather read a book,” said Finn and went to lie on his towel.


While everybody except Finn were enjoying the fresh water, Elisabeth found her first shell of the day. She called everyone to come to give a look. It was a scallop, a common find.


When the lunch time approached, the family headed home. Later in the afternoon, Finn decided to call Malika. He went to the park close to his house, because it was the most peaceful one in the town. He took his cellphone and dialed her number…


“Hello?” said Malika.

“Hi… It’s Finn.”

“Hey Finn! What a coincidence, I was just thinking about you!”

“You were thinking about me… really?”

“Yeah, I though that maybe we could go out, it’s such a nice day today!”

“Yes, you’re right… Well… I am actually out already… Would you… Would you like to meet me in the park close to my house?”

“Sure! I’ll be there!”


“See you soon, Finn!”

“Yeah! Bye!”

Wow… this wasn’t as hard as I imagined… she probably likes me too, Finn smiled to himself.


He walked around the park and when he was on the bridge, he saw Malika arrive.

“Hey Malika! I’m over here!”


“Hello Finn, it’s nice to see you,” she blushed a bit.

“Yeah, you too. So, how was your day?”


“Quite nice actually. I went to swim in the sea in the morning with my parents and then we went for a lunch in the restaurant close to our house,” she said happily.

“Really? We went to the sea as well! I love swimming!”


“Yeah, me too,” she blushed again. “This park is lovely… so peaceful,” said Malika and looked around. “Do you come here often?”

“Sometimes… It’s right behind our house.”

“Yeah, I know.”


“So do you want to take a walk around?” proposed Malika.


“Yeah, we can,” agreed Finn. Malika walked off the bridge and when she turned around, she saw Finn standing on the same spot. “Why are you still standing there, come on!” she smiled.

“I actually changed my mind,” he said.

“Ok, what do you suggest we do then?” asked him Malika as she walked back towards him.

Here she comes, here she comes, Finn thought to himself. He was getting pretty nervous. When Malika approached close enough, he jumped on her and kissed her lips.


To his pleasant surprise, Malika didn’t struggle. On the contrary, she took his hands and placed them behind her, getting closer to him. Finn noticed she was a good kisser.


“I suspected you’d kiss me, you know,” she smiled at him.

“Did you really,” he smiled back.


“Yes… When I saw you standing on the bridge, I knew what was your plan. By the way, now that I think of it, it was very romantic,” she blushed once more.

“I was afraid to kiss you… I thought you didn’t like me…,” said Finn and looked down.


“Why would you think that? Of course I like you, Finn! I like you a lot!”

“Me too, Malika. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve seen!”




*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.

24 thoughts on “2.8 Part Eight

  1. OMG! Is that Malika Williams? I haven’t seen her in a legacy other than mine EVER! I have mixed feelings about the french braid hairstyle, but she looks so cute.

    I just love what you did to introduce the Imaginary Friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, it’s her 🙂 I’ve placed some families from the library to Monte Vista, because people started moving out of the town. The Williams household was one of them and it happened that Finn met Malika… I never played with this family before, so I am not used to seeing her with the other hairstyle… I enjoy customizing the looks of my Sims and so I simply thought this one could fit her right 🙂

      Thank you for appreciating the ”birth” of Hesper and also for your comment 😉 Have a nice day 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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  3. Now ALL the kids have secrets! Elisabeth has her imaginary friend Hesper, Zach is hiding a genie in his bedroom, and Finn has a girlfriend! Lots of things are happening — should make for interesting updates. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello Lily! Do you know that I actually haven’t thought about ‘the secrets’ this way? It’s nice to see readers perceive information that is right there, exposed to the world, while I am the only one who could not see? You’re absolutely right 😀 Hesper, Tenille, Malika… hidden from Kate and David’s sight. This is really funny! 🙂 Thank you for making me notice this! I will definitely make some nice update about it…

      I am also working on George’s story in Hidden Springs. Hopefully, he’ll have some visitors soon 😉
      (There is a sneak peek in the episode 2.9 that I have just published… just because it’s you – the girl reading a book is one of his grandchildren 😉 )

      Thank you for following my story and for your comment!
      Have a nice week 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Uh oh, Finn already with a little lie for his girlfriend. 😉 guess he will start swimming soon.
    They all have their secrets so this situation will get interesting when it all starts coming out.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Oh my goodness! It’s been too long since I’ve read your lovely story. I missed it. Kate seeing Mary was sweet. I can’t get over how pretty Lizzie is… and I might be a smidge bias since we share a name. 😉
    The scene with Hesper and Lizzie was cute.
    Now I’m craving apple pancakes. That sounds delicious.
    Tenille is pretty. She did give Zac quite a scare though, didn’t she?
    Kate still has a fabulous body even after having a baby of her own.
    Aww… Finn had his first kiss! Malika is cute. That was so sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Lizzie!

      It’s so nice to hear from you, I really missed your lovely comments ❤ I've disappeared for a while as well, but hopefully can catch up on my favorite stories soon!

      Mary finally found peace. It's great to have her around as a ghost since she's the closest to a family that Kate has ever had. Both Lizzie's parents have great genetics, now I'm a little sad that she's their only biological child. I would have loved to see more of Kate's and David's children… Tenille was really fun to interact with. I'm planning on bringing her back later on in the Chapter 3 (still have to get to that point, LOL). You're right, Kate is one hot mom 😀 I guess taking care of horses and practicing the riding skill keeps her in shape! Finn and Malika were so sweet as teenagers. (I don't know if you've ever played the Williams household from the simbin – she's the cute toddler.)

      I'm so happy you're enjoying the story, Lizzie. Thank you for being such an awesome fellow Simmer!

      Liked by 2 people

      • You’re welcome. I always love reading your chapters. I need to catch up on a lot of reading in the Sims… and I’m so busy with life, trying to repair my game, and grad school right now. Not that the Sims isn’t part of my life… but I guess I meant, offline life. 😉

        I’m so glad Mary found peace and that she’s part of Kate’s family. Kate and David would make beautiful babies and they already did with Lizzie. Elisabeth will make beautiful heirs someday too, I’m sure.

        I’d love to see more of Tenille. She seems interesting and intriguing and fun.

        I didn’t realize Malika was the aged up girl from the Simbin, but that makes sense now. No, I haven’t played the family. I might have to now. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I can tell about being busy in the ‘offline life’ as you call it. I don’t have as much free time as I used to have, but when you have a full-time job and work overtime very often then it’s pretty normal, I guess. Oh, sweet college years!

          Mary Graham was indeed like a mother to Kate, we’ll hear of her again in Chapter 3. Sometimes, I think about making copies of Kate and David just to see what their babies would look like in an alternate reality, LOL. If Lizzie will become the heir, her main duty will be to bring in the new generation! So, theoretically, you can look forward to her baby(ies). I have some good news for you about the genie – also Tenille will make a reappearance in Chapter 3 😉

          P.S. I’m so sorry to hear your game got corrupted!!! I hope you back up your Sims and your saves 😮 *crosses fingers*

          Liked by 1 person

          • I finished my undergrad, got married and worked for a few years, and then decided to quit my job and go back to school full time for my masters. It’s definitely a different kind of lifestyle. I am looking to work part-time probably in the next few months.
            In terms of my saves, I was unable to salvage everything, but I did manage to save my Sims, redownload cc and mods, and I’m in the process of setting things back up again.
            I would be curious to see other babies in an alternate Kate/David world. Sometimes I wonder what would happen with no interference at all from me in Kass’s world. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

            • Wow! You’re a super woman, Lizzie! I admire you! I wanted to pursue a master as well (I’ve got just the BA), but unfortunately I couldn’t afford it… Maybe if I save enough money, I’ll be able to apply. I’d love to go back and be a ‘carefree’ student again 🙂

              I’m happy to hear that you’ve managed to save your Sims. That would be the hardest part to recreate.

              Yeah, I tend to interfere a lot as well. I have no idea what kind of crazy stuff would be going on if I didn’t! Maybe I’ll make some ‘behind the scenes’ about what would happen if… I’ll see 😉

              Liked by 1 person

    • Tenille is the first genie I’ve ever played with. I don’t know why, but I just think that redheads have fiery personalities and that’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve written her character the way I did. She’s also much older than Zac, so it’s natural that she’s having fun teasing him. I don’t remember well, but something tells me one of her traits might be Good Sense of Humor. As you already know, there’ll be lots and lots of Finn and Malika’s kisses!

      THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR THOUGHTFUL COMMENTS, SHANNON! I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting into re-reading the story from the beginning and commenting on every episode. You’re truly a great reader and a fellow Simmer. Thank you ❤

      P.S. When I checked my phone this morning and saw 89 WP notifications I was really worried that something strange happened to my blog overnight. I'm so glad it was all you and not some spam! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s my pleasure- I am really enjoying your story so much, as well as your replies with all the insights about the making of your blog and story. I’ll be on vacation the rest of the week so I’ll be picking up and reading again sometime next week. Take care! (Oh- also, I haven’t been to Egypt; I was commenting that “Egypt” in the Sims 3 is so beautiful, actually!)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Reading comments like this one always makes smile 🙂

          I’m so incredibly happy that you are enjoying the Loewes, Shannon! I’ll do my best to improve my writing skill and English so you can enjoy it even more!

          I hope you’re having fun on your vacation! It’s so hot here in Italy! I wish I lived closer to the sea… Maybe one day!

          P.S. I know you were referring to Egypt in the Sims; I just wanted to say that playing in Al Simhara is a great experience, exploring the tombs and getting lost while doing so 😀 EA did really a neat job with this expansion pack.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I really fell in love with Hesper. This was the first time I’ve actually made a Sim pay attention to the doll. The IFs can be kinda creepy, but they’re definitely useful!

      There was this one time when the sink in the kitchen broke (yet again) and as soon as the spraying water created a puddle, a mop appeared out of nowhere and it began mopping up the floor! I was staring at the screen of my laptop trying to understand what was going on until I finally switched to Elisabeth and discovered it was Hesper! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my Goodness, haha. I have discovered I can delete IFs with Master Controller only recently and am making good use of it. There are no supernatural’s in my story (only mentions about ghosts, but never one in person).

        Liked by 1 person

        • Good to now! This makes me wonder, does the Story Progression make the imaginary friends come to life autonomously? It would be really weird if you could see some objects move or levitate on a stroll through town, LOL

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, normally the imaginary friends freak me out a little bit, but I like Hesper, I hope too that he’ll become a real boy in the future lol! 😀
    And awww Finn and Malika!! The kiss on the bridge was so romantic! And the lighting was just perfect for the moment!

    The genie is very funny, I'm really looking forward to see what she'll be up to! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have always found these dolls creepy… Already the fact that they appear in your toddler’s inventory as a gift from a mysterious parent freaks me out! Hesper was the first imaginary friend I’ve actually grown fond of over the course of time. You can look forward to seeing more of him in the next episodes 😉

      Aww, Finn and his first romance… That park with the bridge is situated very conveniently right next to the Loewe residence. A perfect spot to take a girl on a first date! As for Tenille, I wish I had written more episodes with her, because she always cracks me up 😀

      Thank you for reading & commenting, Sempreviva!

      Liked by 1 person

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