Wednesday, 12th February 2041

It was very quiet in the classroom before the school bell rang, announcing the end of the lesson. Most of the students put away their pens right away while two or three tried to transfer their knowledge on the paper at the last moment. Chloe Thomas was one of them.

“Time’s up! Ms. Preston, Ms. Thomas, and Mr. Reed put away your pens!” the teacher called from her desk. “I said, put away your pen, Ms. Preston!” she squealed and stood up from her chair. “Ms. Scott, will you please collect the tests for me?” the teacher asked the girl in glasses sitting at the first desk by the window with much more pleasant tone.

“Of course, Mrs. Adams,” Caroline answered politely.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Adams cheerfully smiled at her favorite student and walked towards Victoria’s desk.

“I said something, Ms. Preston!” the teacher screamed at the blonde girl in the black velvet jacket and angrily took the pen from her right hand.

“Whatthefuckever,” Victoria made a face at Mrs. Adams and turned at her friend Tiffany to complain about the history teacher.

Mrs. Adams pretended not to hear Victoria’s cheeky remark, thanked for the collected tests to Caroline and spoke to the class. “Don’t forget about the field trip the next Thursday. Everyone who doesn’t have their permission slip signed isn’t going and will help the janitor fix broken chairs and other school equipment instead. That’s all for today. Class dismissed,” Mrs. Adams said with a loud, high-pitched voice and walked towards her desk. Then she suddenly turned around on the heel of her aubergine stilettos and looked at Chloe. “Ms. Thomas, stop by my desk before leaving.”

Chloe turned her head to look at Sam and Charlie, not understanding why the teacher called only her name, but the boys just shook their shoulders. What the hell does she want from me? Chloe thought to herself and absently looked at the pigeon sleeping on the ledge behind the windowpane.

“Don’t you have another lesson starting soon, Mr. Carter?” Mrs. Adams called at the boy in the varsity jacket and then she turned her eyes at Charles. “I believe the janitor is already waiting for you by the broken display cabinet on the ground floor. I wouldn’t waste a minute if I were you, Mr. Reed,” she said with a spiteful grin.

“And take off the scarf. No hats, no caps or other head coverings in the building. You know the rules, don’t you, Mr. Reed?”

“It’s a bandana,” Charles corrected the teacher. “Sooner or later, she’ll go to hell,” he whispered to Samuel.

“Bandanas may only be worn as a headband and not as a head covering!” the teacher commanded.

“Fine,” Charles sighed and restyled his bandana.

“Much better,” sneered Mrs. Adams. The boys exchanged annoyed looks and left the classroom, leaving their friend at the mercy of the hobgoblin – a very fitting nickname Sam and Charlie thought up for their least favorite teacher.

“Did you need anything of me, Mrs. Adams?” Chloe asked the history teacher. Without a word, Mrs. Adams placed a thick book in front of Chloe. Chloe met Mrs. Adams’ eyes with a puzzled look and read the title of the book sitting on the desk. “School Rules and Regulations?”

“Open on page two-hundred-sixty-nine and read the third paragraph to me,” the teacher said to Chloe in a somewhat serious tone.

After a moment of hesitation, Chloe opened the book and started flipping through the pages. When she saw the thick black capital letters at the top of the page two-hundred-sixty-nine she thought she’d faint. “Teenage Pregnancy Policy?” Chloe read the three words, trying to sound as confused as she could.

“Yes. Paragraph three,” Mrs. Adams said in a very intrigued tone and the left corner of her mouth slightly twitched with amusement. Chloe tried not to pay attention to Mrs. Adams’ disturbing face expression, took a deep breath and started reading.

“A student that is pregnant or has a reason to believe she may be pregnant should-”

“Louder! I can barely hear you,” commanded the teacher.

“S-should immediately inform a member of staff, preferably a senior female educator who has been appointed by the Principal.”

“Go on.”

“If a student or any member of staff has a suspicion that another student may be pregnant, this should be also brought to the attention of the appointed member of staff,” Chloe finished reading the paragraph, feeling a shiver down her spine. Who could possibly know I am pregnant? she thought to herself when suddenly, Mrs. Adams answered her question as if she could read her mind.

“Mrs. Feeney found a positive pregnancy test under the bed in your room, Ms. Thomas.”

“The c-cleaning lady?” stammered Chloe. She felt like if all her body suddenly became a marble statue. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think. All she could do was silently stare at her teacher while she remembered the moment she learned she was pregnant and angrily threw the positive pregnancy test under her bed.

“Yes, the cleaning lady,” sneered Mrs. Adams and a broad toad-like smile appeared on her botox-filled face.

“What was she doing in my room?” Chloe asked a very silly question.

“Doing what she’s paid for I suppose?” the teacher said ruefully and looked at Chloe who was still in a complete shock. “So, since I happen to be the appointed senior female educator of this school, I have to ask you one question, Ms. Thomas. Do you wish to inform the Principal yourself or should I do so?”

“I will do it myself,” Chloe said quickly. She realized there was no point in denying the test wasn’t hers.

“Very well. I give you three days, Ms. Thomas. Then I will be forced to disclose this information myself. Have a wonderful day,” the teacher smiled at her as if she took a great pleasure in Chloe’s difficult situation. Chloe really wanted to smash the thick book in Mrs. Adams happy face but refrained herself from doing it… this time.

<<< DSA #2 >>>


ALL CC – except specification below – by Sandy (ATS)
Victoria’s hair: True Romance Pook’d and Deflowered by Traelia
Charlie’s hair accessory: The Dude headband dehairyfied and made accessory by Traelia


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  3. Mrs. Adams is such an old, ugly witch. She reminds me of Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series. Shouldn’t that be her theme song? Argh, I feel sorry for Chloe, but the truth would eventually come and bite her in the ass, maybe it’s better that it happened now when she doesn’t have a large belly and isn’t showing yet… Good luck, she will need it.

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