Wednesday, 12th February 2041

Later that afternoon, Chloe met with her friend Jade at their usual spot. They both loved coffee and what better place to get it than at the Busy Bean, Twinbrook’s best coffee shop. It was Wednesday 12th February, two days before the San Valentine’s day and Jade was dying to know if Samuel Carter was going to ask her on a date. She had a crush on him since the last summer and deeply hoped tomorrow was going to finally be the day she’s been waiting for for months.

“White chocolate cappuccino with caramel whipped cream and triple chocolate latte with cinnamon sprinkles. Only for you, ladies,” said a friendly waiter as he placed the cups on the table before Chloe and Jade. “Can I get you something more? We have delicious creamy key lime pie,” he asked while hypnotizing Jade with his emerald green eyes. “Anything your heart desires. Just ask me,” the waiter smiled at the girls.

“We’re fine,” Jade snapped at him.

“All right, all right,” he put his hands in the air as if someone just pointed a gun at him and started walking backward. “If you need anything, you know where to find me,” he added with a wink.

“Jeez, this guy doesn’t really know when to cut it off!” Jade complained to her friend.

“Chris is just trying to be nice, J,” said Chloe and turned her head to look at the poor waiter. Christian really looked miserable standing all alone behind the counter, polishing clean cups while waiting for the next customer. “I think he likes you, you know?”

“Well, too bad! I don’t like him and I never will!” Jade said annoyingly and crossed her arms.

“You shouldn’t be too hard on the guys that actually like you. Sam isn’t the last man on earth and honestly, even if he was, I’m not sure if he would pick you.”


“I’m sorry, J, but don’t you see the crowds of girls falling head over heels for him? Do you really want to be one of them?” asked her Chloe and sipped from her cup of coffee. “Plus – and let’s be honest here – except being the best swimmer at the DSA, what else is so special about him?”

“So, I suppose he didn’t tell you I was going to be his Valentine date, did he?” asked her Jade, feeling hopeless.


“And… did he… did he perhaps tell you who was going to be his Valentine date?” Jade asked her friend another question but wasn’t convinced whether or not she truly wanted to hear the answer. Chloe just shook her head from side to side.

“Two key lime pies for our loyal customers,” Christian interjected, placing two plates with a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy in front of the girls. “On the house,” he added proudly and smiled at Jade.

“We’re on a diet,” Jade sneered, rolled her eyes and pushed the plate towards Christian.

“No, we are not!” Chloe exclaimed and kicked Jade’s leg with her foot.

“Ouch! What was that for?!” Jade called out and while looking badly at Chloe she bent to caress her calf. Chloe immediately used the situation and on purpose dropped the silver dessert fork she was holding in her hand. She bent down to pick it up.

“I’ll get a clean one for you,” said Christian and briskly walked towards the counter.

“You are going to thank him for the cake and you are going to ask him out on a date!” Chloe whispered to Jade.

“No, I am not!” Jade whispered back.

“If you don’t do it, I will do it in your stead,” Chloe said decisively.

“Why? He’s not even my type!” Jade protested.

“He seems like a nice guy and he obviously likes you,” told her Chloe. “And honestly, I am getting fed up with your crush on Samuel,” she finally admitted.

“But… but Sam smiles at me every time he sees me and… and he even knows my name!” Jade smiled radiantly.

“Duh! You are his classmate, aren’t you? Besides, if he had really liked you the way you like him, he would have asked you out already,” Chloe sighed desperately. “I am just trying to help you to finally have some fun, girl!”

“Here. I brought two. You know, just in case you drop it again,” said Christian as he rose the violet fabric covering the table and looked at the girls. “Do you have some kind of a secret convention down here?” he asked jokingly and handed two clean forks over to Chloe.

“Thank you, Chris.”

“How did you know?” Jade asked him and sat up. “By the way, everyone who interrupts our convention has to buy us a dinner,” she added casually.

“Wait. Are you like asking me out on a date?” Christian asked the girls, heatwaves washing his body.

“Yes, we are,” Jade nodded her head.

“Wow! I’ve never been on a date with two girls!” the waiter exclaimed happily.

“There’s the first time for everything,” Chloe winked at Christian. “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. I already have a date for Friday night,” she lied.

“Oh, that is very unfortunate,” he said ironically and cravingly looked at Jade.

“Wait a second. Why didn’t you tell me about your date?” Jade asked Chloe, feeling betrayed.

“Well, let’s just say I didn’t want to upset you since you don’t have a date and I do,” Chloe told her friend and sipped from her cup of coffee.

“So, uh, is Friday fine?” Christian asked Jade and a hopeful smile played over his lips.

“Let me just check my diary first,” she said and pretended to list in an invisible book. “Here it is. Friday 14th February. Wow, did you guys know it was San Valentine’s day? Well, I obviously didn’t… That explains why I haven’t planned anything important!” Jade continued her sarcastic monologue. “Yep, looks like you’re a lucky guy, Christian Johnson.”

“Great! I mean, thanks!” he said excitedly. “I promise you it’ll be fun! I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock,” he added and happily walked away.

“Wait, he doesn’t know where I live. I should probably tell him my address,” said Jade but when she was about to stand up, Chloe put one hand on hers.

“I don’t think you have to, J. Don’t you know where Samuel Carter lives?”

“Of course I do. Wait… what does it have to do with-” Jade begun her question but stopped halfway. “Oh, I get it,” she laughed and looked at Chloe who was silently smiling from ear to ear. “So, do you wanna hang out over at my place? We can watch a movie or play some game,” Jade asked her friend, cleaned the cup with her right index finger and licked the leftover cream off of it.

“I have to go back to school,” told her Chloe and looked at her watch. “Maybe we could hang out tomorrow?”

“My parents are going out of town and I have to look after Em the whole afternoon tomorrow,” informed her Jade. “Why do you have to go back to school anyway? The classes are over.”

“I need to talk to someone…”

“Who? Can I come with?” Jade asked her joyfully.

“…alone,” added Chloe and looked down at the empty cup tightly clutched between her hands.

“What’s going on, Chloe?”

“Nothing,” she frowned.

“Oh, come on! I can see you’re nervous about something. I promise I won’t tell anyone,” Jade insisted.

“I’m sorry, J, but I cannot tell you.”

“Fine!” she snapped and stood up from the chair.

“You know I would tell you if I could, right?” Chloe sincerely asked her friend.

“I’m not so sure,” said Jade, angrily picked up her messenger bag from the floor and left.

“Shit,” Chloe sighed as she watched her friend walk away.

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FUN FACT: The Busy Bean is another of my fan builds. The coffee shop was inspired by Monet’s Café from Netflix’s original series 13 Reasons Why. Has anyone who knows the series noticed?


ALL CC by Sandy (ATS)
Have A Seat pose set by k2m1too
Step Up pose set by k2m1too


8 thoughts on “#2

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  2. Pingback: FLASHBACK <<< #2 | Loewe Legacy

    • Hey Raymond, it’s good to see you! Chloe is simply annoyed by Jade’s unattainable crush on Samuel because she’s the only girl at DSA who knows that he’s gay. It was a little unfair from Chloe to set them up but she only did it for Jade to have some fun! Chris is a good person in my book so if Jade gives him a chance she could actually be very happy.

      P.S. Haven’t you missed the first episode of this series? … just being curious …

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris is so into Jade. Ah, these girls who fall for Sam are so hopeless. They don’t know what he’s really attracted to. These poor unfortunate souls! 😛 I loved the conversation under the table, by the way. So funny! But Chloe’s pregnancy is concerning me. She has to tell the school principal now. I hope it won’t go too bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, he is! Chloe and Jade come very often to the Busy Bean so there’s no wonder Chris has developed a big crush on one of them… unfortunately Jade just doesn’t care because she loves Sam. Chloe knows about Sam’s sexual orientation, they are actually very good friends – also because Chloe is probably the only girl at DSA who doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with him. You’re right, all the girls in love with Sam are hopeless, I kinda feel sorry for them, LOL

      I’m glad you liked the ‘secret convention’ scene. I wish there were poses for a situation like that! I had to play around with K2M1TOO’s poses to achieve the best result possible and the final picture is actually better than I thought!

      Chloe is going to talk to the Principal in the next episode! Stay tuned 🙂

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