Friday, 14th February 2041

“I really love Fridays. Point one – there are only four classes. Point two – it’s the day before the weekend. And, the most important, point three – I get to share the table with you during the chemistry class,” a tall boy with piercing blue eyes and short ashen hair said to Chloe and leaned on the locker next to her.

“I’m not so sure if point three is something you should be so happy about, Sam. I really suck at chemistry lately,” told him Chloe and closed her locker. “I’m actually counting on you with today’s test,” she added with a smile.

“There you are!” a well-known female voice called at Chloe from behind her back. “I was searching for you all over the school!” said Jade and narrowed her eyes when she saw Samuel Carter talking to her friend.

“Hey, Jade!” Sam greeted his classmate. Jade pretended she didn’t hear him.

“Relax, J. I just came in,” Chloe tried to calm her.

“Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier, then! We’ll be late for the chemistry class!” Jade scolded her and dragged her friend away from Sam.

“Can you tell me what got into you?!” Chloe asked her accusingly. “I was talking to someone.”

“Someone?” Jade scoffed angrily and pushed Chloe to the girls’ room.

“Sam is my friend just like you are, J. I don’t understand why you have to behave like a total jerk. Especially in front of him since you say you love him so much.”

“It’s not that you’re making the situation easier for me!”

“What do you mean?” asked her Chloe, bewildered.

“It’s really hard to be loved by someone if this someone is obviously in love with someone else!” Jade shouted at her hysterically.


“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about, Chloe! Don’t you see how he looks at you? He never looks at me that way!” Jade screamed at Chloe and tears flooded her blue eyes.

“Oh my god, Jade! Do you really think that Sam is in love with me?” Chloe asked her, laughing. “We’re just friends!”

“Well, it seems like he doesn’t want to be just a friend. I even have the suspicion that he asked you out on a date and that’s the ‘secret’ you didn’t want to tell me on Wednesday.”

“Jade, you’re seriously out of your mind if you think this. Please, let me go. I’ll be late for class,” Chloe said resentfully, pushed Jade aside and left the bathroom.

Jade opened the door of the classroom ten minutes after the bell announced the beginning of the lesson. Everybody looked up from their tests and some of the students whispered something to their neighbors.

“Silence!” the chemistry teacher called out and the rumor stopped instantly.

“I’m sorry for being late, Mr. Phelps,” Jade apologized for her late arrival to the lesson.

“You may be sorry as much as you want, Ms. Greenwood, but you are not allowed to take the test.”

“Mr. Phelps, I am truly sorry. My alarm clock didn’t ring this morning,” Jade said apologetically. Chloe and Sam exchanged looks.

“Keep the pathetic excuse for someone else, Ms. Greenwood. This is a renowned academy for serious students. Your tears are of no use here. Please, leave the classroom.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Leave the classroom and clean your ears,” the teacher said sternly.

Jade’s mouth dropped open and without a word, she left the room. Chloe felt the urge to say something in Jade’s defense, but Sam was faster than her.

“If you have to ask another pointless question, Mr. Carter, I beg you to spare me the details,” said the chemistry teacher when Samuel raised his hand.

“Can I use the bathroom?”

“Aren’t you too young to have urinary problems, Mr. Carter?” the teacher asked him mockingly and the whole class except Chloe and Charles laughed out loud. “Go, but leave your cell phone on the desk.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Samuel and walked out the door. He found Jade sitting on the bench by the classroom, holding a book in her hand. “Hey,” Sam smiled at his classmate.

Surprised by his sudden appearance, Jade accidentally dropped her pen on the floor. She bent down to pick it up but Samuel was faster than her.

“Here,” he handed the pen over to Jade.


“May I?” asked her Sam and after Jade nodded her head he sat down next to her. “Phelps is an ass. I’m sorry he threw you out of the class,” said Sam and looked at the book in Jade’s hand. “What’s that?”

“Nothing,” Jade quickly shoved the diary in her bag.

“Are you keeping a diary?” Sam asked her curiously. “That’s sweet,” he added with a smile. Jade’s cheeks became instantly red like two tomatoes. “I’ve gotta go now, but I’d like to talk to you again sometime… if you want to.”

“Sure,” Jade smiled back at him. Her heart raced a thousand miles per hour as she watched her classmate walk towards the boys’ room. She felt a sudden urge to follow him, but quickly decided it wasn’t a good idea. Jade walked in the opposite side of the corridor and left the building. She placed herself on the freshly moaned lawn by the birch trees and opened her diary to write a new entry: I was right all this time. Samuel Carter likes me!

Half an hour later, Chloe appeared at the main door and briskly walked towards the birch trees. Jade was still writing in her diary when Chloe’s lean silhouette cast a shadow on her. It was only mid-February, but the weather was like at the end of spring. The climate change was taking its toll at last.



“I’m sorry about this morning, J,” Chloe apologized.

“Don’t be. I deserved it,” Jade looked up at her friend. “I behaved like an idiot…”

“Yes, you did,” Chloe agreed, thew her backpack on the ground and sat down next to Jade.

“I’m sorry,” Jade said remorsefully.

“Apology accepted,” Chloe smiled at her. “Friends?” she held out her hand.

“Friends,” Jade smiled back and shook Chloe’s hand.

“So, where do you think Christian will take you tonight?”

“Boh,” Jade shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you excited?”

“Not really. I told you, he’s not my type.”

“He’s got really nice hands, have you noticed?”

“Sam has a really nice ass. Have you noticed?” Jade said with a little smirk. Chloe punched her shoulder.

“Will you ever stop?”


“Seriously, J. Get over him,” Chloe told her frankly and looked at the group of boys walking towards the gym. “There are so many handsome guys at the DSA. Why Sam?” she asked desperately.

“Why Christian?” Jade retorted.

“He likes you, Jade. Why don’t you want to give him a chance? Why do you still want to wait for the day that’s never going to come?”

“I wouldn’t say never,” Jade smiled to herself. “Sam came to talk to me after Phelps threw me out of the class.”

“He just went to the bathroom and probably felt sorry for you when he saw you there alone.”

“Or maybe he knew I was the only one out there so he used the situation to approach me. I think he’s shy.”

“Whatever, J. Think what you want. I won’t say anything anymore but don’t come to cry on my shoulder later,” told her Chloe and stood up from the ground. “Come on, let’s go. You know Mrs. Adams is like Phelps’ twin. We don’t want to be late,” she said and Jade suddenly burst out in laughter. “Why are you laughing?”

“Look at your butt,” she said, nearly crying.

“Shit!” Chloe exclaimed when she saw the greenish wet spot on her new shorts.

“Freshly cut grass,” told her Jade and laughed some more.

“I don’t get it. Why does the janitor have to cut the grass on Friday morning?! Why not Monday?”

“He actually cuts the grass every day.”

“What? Why?”

“Boh,” Jade shrugged her shoulders. “He’s a weirdo…”

“What about your dress?”

“Luckily, I sat on a dry spot,” Jade innocently smiled at Chloe.

“Well, thanks for the warning!” Chloe said bitterly, took Samuel’s shirt out of her backpack and tied it around the hips.

“Isn’t that Sam’s?” Jade asked her friend when she saw the familiar checkered shirt.

“Yes, actually. I forgot to give it back after I found it in the gym…”

“Does it smell like him?” Jade demanded to know.

“Not anymore. I just farted,” Chloe said jokingly and both girls laughed.

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ALL CC – except specification below – by Sandy (ATS)
Sports Set – Bench & School Graffiti Lockers by Severinka
Victoria’s hair: True Romance Pook’d and Deflowered by Traelia
Chloe’s shorts with Sam’s shirt: Summer Days Shorts by QuizicalGin
School Bullying Pose Set by Shianae
16 Poses Chanel Egoiste pose set by IMHO
Camera Pose Set by Traelia
Casual Male Pose Set by k2m1too
Step Up Pose Set by k2m1too
Friendship Pose Set by Shianae
Sugarly sweet Sit Pose Set by Eternila


8 thoughts on “#4

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  3. Oh wow, hold your horses, Jade. Apparently, that’s not only in my story that she falls for Sams who also happen to like boys. Lol, just kidding. But seriously, I feel Chloe. Being an LGBT ally is a huge burden as you can’t spill the beans even to your best friend. Maybe Sam will want to tell Jade himself, though, seeing how high she has her hopes up. That awkward teen crush phase, that’s relatable, but it makes you feel so silly a couple of years later, realizing how dumb it all was. Practically everything can be read as a signal he likes you!
    My brother would totally be the weirdo to mow the grass all the time. I swear he’s obsessed!
    I see those girls lurking at Chloe in the background. I hope that the gossip will not be spread around the school about how Sam finally found his gf in Chloe. That’d be horrible!
    Btw, that’s nice of Charles that he didn’t laugh at the teacher’s joke. Chloe and him must be Sam’s closest friends, it appears.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samuel Carter is the most handsome and desired guy at the DSA. Chloe is his only female friend because she’s the only girl who’s not interested in more than a true friendship. And Sam feels that. That’s also the reason why he told her he’s gay. Chloe would never tell Jade or anyone unless Sam would agree. Hopefully, Jade will eventually get over her crush as all the other girls did. It sure isn’t easy for her especially now that she thinks Sam actually likes her, too. It will be fun to see some of these teenagers later on in Chapter Four. I have some ideas for the story development but we’ll see if I ever get there!

      Your brother sounds fun! Maybe mowing the grass is his way to relax? Anyway, I like writing the unusual and strange characters because they enrich the story in a lovely weird way. The janitor is one of them. Oh, you have no idea how fast the gossip spreads around this school! I love that screenshot btw, I laughed so much when the two girls randomly looked in Chloe’s direction! And yes, you’re right, Chloe and Charlie are Sam’s closest friends.

      Thank you for reading & commenting, Jowita!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It must be hard for Chloe to keep Sam’s secret from her, but she’s doing the right thing by not outing him. It’s definitely tough, but I’m sure Jade would understand if she knew. Hopefully she wouldn’t be too heartbroken, but high school crushes can be quite intense. Young love 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s quite a complicated situation Chloe found herself in. Except coping with her own problems, she is trying really hard to help Jade beat the ‘unrequited love virus’ that has previously attacked most of the girls at the DSA. What’s complicating her endeavor even more is the fact that Jade thinks Sam and Chloe are more than friends. Who doesn’t love some quality high school drama! 😀

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Ray!

      Liked by 1 person

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