Friday, 14th February 2041

“Wednesday’s test was an utter disaster,” Mrs. Adams began the lesson. “Is there anyone who actually pays attention in my class?” the teacher asked the classroom. None of the students said a word. “I thought so. Very well then,” she said with her perfect fake smile, picked the pile of freshly printed tests sitting on her desk and placed a dozen on all tables in the front row. “Take one and pass them on.”

“What’s that? Another test?!” Charles asked from the back, unpleasantly surprised.

“Practice makes perfect, Mr. Reed,” said the history teacher. “Even though, I’m not sure if that will ever work in your case,” she scoffed. “And take off your bandana,” she added scornfully, turned on the heel and walked towards her chair.

“I swear I’m gonna kill her,” Charles whispered to Sam.

“Need help?” Sam mischievously looked at him.

“Absolutely,” Charles grinned.

“Mrs. Adams?” Caroline, her favorite student, raised the hand.

“Yes, Ms. Scott?”

“It’s the same test,” she informed the teacher.

“Shut up, you idiot!” Victoria Preston, the only daughter of a wealthy and influential businessman screamed at her neighbor.

“I know, Ms. Scott” Mrs. Adams smiled at Caroline. “Ms. Preston, take a red marker and write a big F in the top left corner on the front side of your test!” the history teacher commanded. “I will not stand your rotten behavior!”

“I don’t have a red marker,” Victoria snapped at her.

“Then use your lipstick!” Mrs. Adams said mockingly. “So, as Ms. Scott noticed, the questions are the same as the last time. Those of you who were clever enough to discuss Wednesday’s test with your colleagues have the chance to improve your grades. I will take into account both results,” she told the class. “You have twenty minutes,” she added, pressed the tiny red button on her stopwatch and placed it on the desk.

“She’s such a bitch!” Charles whispered to his friend.

“Don’t worry, Charlie. I know most of the answers,” Sam whispered back. “Give me ten minutes.”

“Okay. Thanks, bro.”


Nineteen minutes and twenty-two seconds later…


“Time’s up! Everybody put down your pens. Ms. Scott, would you be so kind and collected the tests for me?” the history teacher said precisely twenty minutes later.

“Of course, Mrs. Adams,” Caroline said politely.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Adams smiled at her. “Ms. Thomas? Ms. Thomas!” she called at Chloe. “The time’s up! Put away your pen!” the teacher commanded. “Oh, and don’t forget to stop by my desk before leaving,” she said with a broad smile when Chloe finally looked at her.

“What’s her problem?” Charles asked Chloe and flashed a bad look at the history teacher.

“Everything,” Chloe sighed and fixed the shirt tied around her hips.

“Nice shirt,” said Sam when he noticed Chloe was wearing his shirt.

“I know,” Chloe guiltily smiled at him. “I found it in the gym the other day… I meant to give it back but…,” she paused for a second, pondering whether or not to tell the boys about her ‘green accident’.

“I think hobgoblin is up to something,” told them Charlie. “We should better watch our backs.”

“So, anybody wants to go for a swim?” Sam asked his friends after Tiffany and Victoria left the classroom.

“I know I said I’d go but I forgot I work tonight. I’m gonna go rest before the shift,” Charles excused himself.

“Don’t worry man. We can go some other time. What about you two?” Sam looked at Alex and Justin.

“Sorry, Sam. I already have other plans for this afternoon,” said Alex.

“Yeah, me too, pal. Maybe next time!” Justin gave Sam a friendly pat on the back.

“Can we come?” Jade suddenly appeared by Chloe’s side and put both her arms around Chloe’s shoulders.

“Whoa! Just look at the magic work!” exclaimed Charlie when he saw Jade vigorously jump on Chloe. “What a pair of green eyes and sexy hot ass can do to a girl. I had no idea you were into girls, Greenwood,” he smirked. Alex and Justin laughed at his comment.

“Zip it, Reed,” Jade flashed a bad look at Charles.

“Well… sure, of course… why not!” Samuel was taken by surprise. “I had no idea you two were swimmers. I’ve never seen either of you at the pool.”

“Because we’re not,” told him Chloe and released herself from Jade’s clasp. “Don’t you have to get ready for tonight?” she asked her friend in front of Samuel. The happy look on Jade’s face instantly disappeared.

“Well, enjoy the swim, guys!” Charlie interjected and together with Alex and Justin left the classroom.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Jade lied.

“Oh, I thought I was there when Christian Johnson asked you out on a date. Or was that your clone?”

“Well, let’s say I want to keep my options open,” she giggled nervously. “You never know what else can happen in the meantime, right?” she smiled and looked at Sam.

“Enjoy the swim, then,” told her Chloe. “Would you mind if I kept your shirt for a little longer? I sat down on the freshly cut grass this morning and it looks like I peed myself,” she looked at Sam and raised the shirt.

“Sure, sure. Keep it,” he chuckled. “So, you aren’t coming with us?”

“No,” Chloe shook her head from side to side. “Have fun at the pool,” she said and walked towards Mrs. Adams who was already waiting for her.

“So, ready to hit the pool?” Sam looked at the only person who was willing to go swimming with him.

“Sure, let’s go!” Jade exclaimed enthusiastically and the two left. As they walked down the stairs, she felt like a queen by Samuel’s side. When Sam opened the main door for her, Jade was on the brink of happiness. “Would you like to lunch together before we get in the water?” Jade asked her crush with the sweetest voice.

“I never eat prior to swimming, but you can have something if you want. We can meet at the pool.”

“Okay,” Jade gave him her best smile and as soon as he turned away from her, she face-palmed. You’re a total idiot, Jade. Be proud of yourself.

Jade entered the pool fifteen minutes later. Samuel was already in the water, practicing for the upcoming competition. He didn’t even notice when Jade sat down on the bench and observed him for a couple of minutes. He doesn’t even know I am here, she said to herself and thought of a way to make herself be noticed. As soon as she looked at the diving board she got an idea. Jade gathered all her courage and since they were the only ones at the pool, she decided to jump. She walked to the ladder and climbed up. The very moment Samuel finished his first 500 meters and stopped to rest for a while. He immediately noticed Jade standing on the diving board, ten feet above the surface of the water.

“Hey!” Sam waved at her and she waved back. Jade took a deep breath and counted to three. As she prepared to jump, her left foot slipped and she fell in the pool like a flying frog. She even managed to hit her backside on the edge of the diving board when she slipped. Samuel burst into laughter and tears of amusement flooded his eyes. Jade slowly swam to the metal ladder and climbed out of the pool. She was red like a lobster because she felt straight down on the water surface at the sound of a loud pat. Not only did she completely humiliate herself in front of her crush, she even managed to hurt herself in the process.

“Are you okay?” Sam called at her from the other side of the pool and briskly swam towards her. “I’ve never seen such a skillful fall in my life,” he laughed. Jade just looked at him. “I’m sorry, but the way you fell was really funny.”

“Great. At least I make you laugh if nothing else,” she said under her breath, feeling insulted.

“Hey, hey, look at me. Come on, look at me. Jade!”

“What do you want?” she asked him with a hurtful voice.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you,” he said and pushed himself out of the water. “We can go and grab a lunch together. My treat,” Sam smiled at Jade.

“I’m not going anywhere looking like this. Look at my face. I look like a tomato.”

“Yeah, you do,” he said honestly.

“At least you’re honest,” she sighed and felt even more ashamed than before.

“I like tomatoes,” Sam added quickly. “Go get dressed. I’ll wait for you at the parking lot.”

“Don’t wait for me. I’m going home.”

“Please?” he asked with a hopeful voice, took off the silicone swimming cap and brushed his hair with his right hand. Sam looked very sexy dressed just in his swimwear with drops of water running down his muscular body. Jade had to keep herself really hard from not jumping at him.

“Tell me, Sam. Why would I want to have lunch with someone who makes fun of me?” she played the ice queen while her inner self was jumping ten meters high.

“I wasn’t making fun of you, Jade. It was just funny how you fell, nothing else. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” Samuel apologized again.

“Well, you have,” told him Jade and stood up from the bench. “Bye Sam. Don’t wait for me,” she said and started walking towards the showers. Come on, Sam. If you really like me I’m sure you’ll come up with an idea to convince me, Jade naively thought to herself.

“Enjoy your date tonight!” Sam called after her. Jade definitely didn’t expect that. She turned around to look at him, but he was already back in the water. Dammit!

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ALL CC – except specification below – by Sandy (ATS)
Sports Set – Bench by Severinka
Victoria’s hair: True Romance Pook’d and Deflowered by Traelia
Charlie’s hair accessory: The Dude headband dehairyfied and made accessory by Traelia
Chloe’s shorts with Sam’s shirt: Summer Days Shorts by QuizicalGin
The Writing Pack pose pack by pickypikatchu
Friendship pose pack by Shianae
Loretta pose Pack By Skylar
Casual male Pose Pack by K2M1TOO


10 thoughts on “#5

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  2. Pingback: FLASHBACK <<< #5 | Loewe Legacy

  3. Oh Jade, she has no idea…. And even if he was straight, she’s approaching this the wrong way in my opinion lol. Mind games are too confusing 😛 I hope her face wasn’t as brusied as her ego. And who knows, hopefully she’ll enjoy her date after all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Raymond! Sorry for the late reply to your comment. Jade is completely clueless about Sam’s sexual orientation and very much an obsessive-possessive type of girl. I can’t but agree with your opinion. Mind games are very confusing indeed, especially when the two people almost don’t know each other…

      Thanks for sticking around for so long! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I hate when teachers give you the same test out of the sudden and expect you to write it better this time.
    Look at Jade, she’s so funny. Her behavior in front of Sam is just hilarious. I wonder if she’ll enjoy her date or be angry all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I hate that as well!!! Happened to me more times in high school, our biology/chemistry teacher was an ultimate ______ (fill in any swear-word) plus her ‘groundbreaking’ technique never really helped me to get a better grade. NEVER. Like never ever.

      Jade is totally ridiculous. Like Ray said, she has no idea! I guess it’s no fun when you’re losing your own game, but let’s face it – if she had been a little less of an ice queen and little more of a ‘normal’ girl, she would have accepted Sam’s kind offer and be all set. This way, she didn’t get what she wanted AND Sam has one more reason to stay away from her. Who would want to hang out with a grumpy friend?!

      Thanks for reading and always commenting, Jowita! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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