The Town

I have chosen Monte Vista for my family to live in. Wondering why?

  • Beautiful atmosphere. Warm and cozy. Family-friendly.
  • Many rabbit holes put together inside one building = more space for your creations. So if you like designing your own community buildings, you have plenty of lots to choose from.
  • It is based on Tuscany:  green fields, little historic towns, old buildings, vineyards everywhere you look, family farms, little Italian restaurants… Simply beautiful!
  • I have always enjoyed playing Pets expansions. Since I would like my family to have horses and I also wanted to change the air a little (I played in Appaloosa Plains for too long) I decided for Monte Vista because of its marvelous landscape and the ”old town” architecture. (Speaking of horses, if you own the Pets expansion pack, the Equestrian center will be added to the map automatically.)
  • I really enjoyed playing the World Adventures and the center positioned neatly inside of the old town walls gives me a similar feeling as the vacation destinations.
  • And finally…. I haven’t played in this town before and I would like to try out that Wood Fire Oven everybody talks about…

Monte Vista

4 thoughts on “The Town

    • Well, actually I’m not Italian, but I’ve been living in Italy for four years now. Originally I come from the ‘heart of Europe’ – I’m from The Czech Republic 😉
      I’m really happy EA introduced the wood fire oven, so my Sims can eat my favorite pizza all day long! (while I cannot, or rather I shouldn’t… actually I’ve had one for the dinner today now that you made me think about pizza, it’s sooo yummy) 😀


    • Monte Vista is truly an amazing world. I’ve been playing there for three years already and I’m not bored of it yet – but only because the story takes part also in other worlds. Yeah, that’s probably the reason 🙂

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