Shards Of My Past is an episodic series of short clips focusing on the early life of the founder of the Loewe Legacy. It all starts with the trailer featuring the late evening of 12th August 1971, when baby Kate came into the world and lost both her parents who vanished in mysterious circumstances soon after she was born. Kate Loewe was not a day old and she was already an orphan…

The first episode of this retrospective series is my tribute to Kate, her life and her long-awaited passing. She is the first Sim ever that I have enjoyed playing and writing for such a long time (since June 2014). I hope that thanks to these flashbacks you’ll remember her throughout this story eventhough she’ll be no longer a part of it.

SHARD No. 01

Flip back the pages to the year of 1979 and follow eight-year-old Kate on her adventures around Appaloosa Plains!



This project is a work in progress.

The first episode of the retrospective series Shards Of My Past will be realeased in Chapter Four where Kate, the founder of the Loewe Legacy, appears for the last time in the human form.

There are no scheduled dates for the release of any forthcoming short video clips whatsoever as the creation of this extra content fully depends on the course of the main storyline and the amount of time which I am willing to dedicate to this challenging activity. However, it’s incredibly rewarding so I deeply hope that more is coming soon eventually!

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